How to spruce up your TV area

How to spruce up your TV area

It is without a doubt that the television zone is the most frustrating element to style, when, it comes to the living room. To help you spruce up your living room here are some of the tips.

While most of us would agree that the bigger the TV set, the better, when it comes to decorating your home, the bigger your TV set is, the more of an eyesore it can sometimes be.

After all, who likes to look at a giant, black box when you could instead be staring at some tastefully curated artworks or a stunning view?

Ethel Namono, an interior designer and landscaper at Iconic Hedges, notes that elevating the look of your TV area is easier than you think.

“The key is to focus on decorating around the space; the wall and the floor. A little bit of styling, know-how will ensure that your visitors will not even notice the television,” she says.

First things first, styling your TV area starts with getting the position of your television just right.

 According to Namono, the TV set should not obscure any windows or other striking views as these spaces are natural attention drawers in any room.

Namono notes that while it might be tempting to place your comfy sofa directly in front of your TV set, she recommends creation of a cosy setting with generous sofas, a chic coffee table and plush armchairs to transform the space into a natural gathering space that does not centre on the television.

 “Adding a striking rug to the floor will also become a visual centre piece that is sure to spark conversation”, says Namono.

Style up your console or stand

Namono says a sophisticated TV console will instantly elevate your living room area. It does not matter the variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, your TV console is ready to become an instant visual feature. Not only does a console provide additional storage space that is essential for any living room, but it is also the perfect place to show-off your collection of art, indoor plants, beautiful ceramics and treasured pieces.

“Consoles with open shelving are perfect for transforming into visual displays, just make sure you get the height that will enable optimal viewing without people having to crane their necks. It should also be consistent in style with the rest of your house,” she advises.

Consider custom cabinetry

For those with enough budget, Namono recommends a custom designed cabinet together with some simple style tweaks to add a classy yet comfortable feel as you lounge in your living space.

With the customised cabinetry your home will acquire a chic and practical new item of contemporary decor for your leisure and recreation room that will enhance the room’s entire layout and ambiance. 

Make sure that you get the kind of finishes you want and, the internal configuration of the storage units are built for easy access, are designed to suit the items you want stored and will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the features in your living room or family room. For some of us, the television is well and truly the hero of the living room, and should, therefore, be celebrated as such.

The ideal height for your TV, whether wall-mounted or not, is at a place where the middle of the TV is at your eye level when you are sitting on the sofa.  Duncan Mukasa, a TV dealer on Kampala Road says this is also the ideal space to display your artwork to create a striking gallery wall.  “You can play around with frame size and picture orientation to mix things up. You can also spice it  up with a good painting on the wall,” he says.

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