How to decorate with things you use every day- bedroom edition

How to decorate with things you use every day- bedroom edition

If you want your bedroom to be minimal but still maintain a few key pieces or accents so it’s not hotel roomesque- here are just a few things you probably use everyday that can also feature as a piece of decor if you know how to display it well. 

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Books: If you read every night- one quick and easy decor solution is to leave your book on your night stand. This simple and small item will draw the eye to this area but won’t overwhelm the space- unlike a pile of books- just the one you’re reading right now is enough! You could even pop your glasses on there for an extra touch. Should anyone see your bedroom when you are giving a guest a house tour for instance- it makes for a great conversation piece. 

Notebook/journal: You may not be a night time reader but a bedtime writer and if that’s the case, your notebook along with a pen could make a beautiful accent to your nightstand and it will help remind you to write in it each evening if you sometimes forget. 

Glass: If you like to have a glass of water by the bed in case you get thirsty during the night- an attractive drinking glass on a coaster could be just the ticket rather than any old tumbler you have lying around in the kitchen cupboard. Choose wisely and this can become a treasured piece of decor that also refreshes you in the dark. 

Jewellery box: If you enjoy weaning jewellery and have an unusual or sentimental jewellery box, instead of hiding this in a cupboard or drawer- why not make a statement piece out of it? This can be a focal point on a dresser or chest of drawers and because everything is tucked away inside it won’t look overly cluttered when placed on one of your surfaces.

Dressing gown: If you own a dressing gown with a pretty pattern- why not turn this into a piece of decoration too? Hang it on the back of the door rather than in your wardrobe for a pop of colour. Extra points if it matches your existing colour palate!  

Throw: If you are a person who is always chilly whatever the weather and you insist on a blanket over your covers to add an extra layer of warmth, instead of folding it and putting it away every day, you could simply lay it over the top of your made bed to add a change of texture or colour to the space. 

Chair: If you get ready in your room every day and put on your make-up and do your hair at a dressing table, you can afford to have a chair that stands out and creates some character for the space. Consider recovering an existing chair or stool if it’s looking a little drab or add a cushion for some added interest and really make it sing when you walk into the area. 

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