• Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Home Improvement Business Boom

RALEIGH, N.C. – Since the pandemic began, businesses in the home improvement arena have seen an unexpected bump in business.

The owners of a Raleigh-based cabinet business have had an unbelievable year even though the pandemic threatened to take all of their success away. 

Ashley Hall is the founder of Lexie and the Chi, a cabinet renovation business. She says at first they were worried customers wouldn’t need their services. To their surprise, they were wrong. 

“I think people had had several months of being at home, seeing different projects,” Hall says. “Also I think that a lot of our clients have said they didn’t go on vacation, they aren’t doing a lot of traveling and so they have a little bit of disposable income and this is the perfect time to do it.”

Lexie and the Chi’s social media pages show off their masterful transformations, one of Hall’s favorite parts. 

“It’s seeing the transformations , for sure, the before and after, and being able to give that to our clients.”

Hall says they are booked out through March at this point and in a typical year, get lots of phone calls after the new year. 

Hall also says many businesses in the home improvement world are likely going to have a longer wait times as they catch up from 2020.