Herman Miller Face Masks and 6 More Home and Design Releases

Herman Miller Face Masks and 6 More Home and Design Releases

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: CBD-infused chili oil, an ice cream fit for a president and more.

Herman Miller Design For Freedom Face Mask

When you wear a mask, you’re doing good. It’s a fact. Wearing Herman Miller’s new face mask does double the amount of good. Made in partnership with the non-profit organization Grace Farms Foundation, the Design for Freedom face mask raises funds to support the initiative of the same name, which attempts to combat the pervasive use of forced labor, or modern slavery, in architecture and design. The mask takes design cues from the roof of the River building, which looks different throughout the day because of light and weather, at the Grace Farms Foundation in Connecticut. The mask will reflect light differently depending on the environment it’s in. It’s also ethically made from materials that meet ecological and social criteria.

Price: $30


The Sill Petite Knock Out Rose

If you’re struggling to come up with a Valentine’s Day gift idea, flowers are usually the way to go. But when the bouquet is overdone, opt for the whole plant. Order the Petite Knock Out Roses from The Sill, one of the best places to buy plants online, for a gift that keeps on giving. No more overspending for roses because they’ll grow in your home for whenever you need them.

Price: $46+


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams White House Chocolate Chip

Joe Biden’s love of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is well known. President Biden’s Instagram account follows just 103 accounts, and Jeni’s Ice Cream and its founder, Jeni Britton Bauer, are two of those accounts. In celebration of the 46th president and his go-to ice cream order, White House Chocolate Chip is a mix of chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces. It’s a fairly ordinary and classic combination — especially compared to some of Jeni’s more out-there flavors like goat cheese with red cherries — but sometimes simple is best.

Price: $12


Loud Grandma CBD Chilli Crisp Oil

Chili oil is the best condiment you’re probably not using. That’s OK, because now you know. And whether you’re a chili oil newbie or one who has a jar in every room of your home, you need to get Loud Grandma CBD Chilli Crisp Oil on your radar and then onto everything you eat. Loud Grandma is like the ubiquitous Lao Gan Ma one can find in most Asian supermarkets except it’s made using Pot d’Huile’s hemp-infused olive oil. Calvin Eng of Brooklyn’s much-hyped restaurant and bakery Win Son helped to come up with the concotion that is Loud Grandma. This chili oil has so much going for it — like how it’s savory, spicy, numbing, tingly, crunch — that you’ll need to heap spoonful after spoonful to fully grasp all the complexities in the perfectly designed jar. And if you’re looking for a hot sauce instead of a chili oil, Pot d’Huile’s Hot Sloth is another condiment you’ll slather on everything.

Price: $29


General Admission x Mister Green Wake and Bake Set

When design-conscious smokers get together to epitomize the phrase “wake and bake,” you get this ingenious mug and ashtray set. General Admission and Mister Green are two Los Angeles-based clothing stores that have been doing way more than just clothing. Both brands bring their eye for well-designed clothes to home goods, and the Wake and Bake Set is just one part of their collaboration, of which I need one of everything.

Price: $115


Flan x Sullivan Street Bakery

Jim Lahey is baking royalty. The James Beard Award-winning baker is the founder of Sullivan Street Bakery, a New York City institution with a location in Miami. Hopping on the merch bandwagon, Sullivan Street Bakery worked with Flan, a clothing brand that combines humor with food, to create a two-piece collection with proceeds going to support the bakery. While the branded t-shirt is out of stock, you can still grab the Chocolate Chip Cookie scarf. It manages to elicit memories of the sweet treat without looking like tacky paraphernalia.

Price: $70


Amass Riverine

Amass has its gin and vodka, and now it’s entering the non-alcoholic spirits market. Less is more does not apply to Riverine. As a brand that focuses on botanicals, Amass masterfully mixes 14 different ingredients — ranging from sumac to lemon peel — to craft a booze-free drink to help you get through Dry January.

Price: $35


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