Here are 12 clever cabinet ideas for your kitchen

Here are 12 clever cabinet ideas for your kitchen

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You’ve decided that it’s time for a kitchen remodel. No more complaining about lack of storage space, the kitchen being too small or simply outdated.

Your first step is to spend time with your remodeling contractor carefully planning the optimal cabinet design with storage being a top priority. The look and feel of your cabinetry all play a huge role in the general appearance.

TWD – Design. Build. Remodel., a Rosie-Certified Partner, takes that a step further and explores clever ideas and designs to get the most out of your space and storage solutions for your everyday needs.

1. Lighting. When planning the design and layout of your kitchen, you’ll want to plan for plenty of lighting for the overall space especially if you have a limited supply of natural light. Talk to your remodel contractor about incorporating things such as under cabinet lighting for dark corners, task lighting for prep areas, backlighting within select cabinetry, lit toe kick to maximize visibility, and adding dimmable lighting for ambiance.

If you just want some extra lighting to evenly spread across the counter, add LED ropes, strips, tape, or puck lights.
DIY Installation Tips:
• Mount the strip, rope, tape or puck close to the front inside edge of the wall cabinets, so the light will be on the objects you’re working with or looking for.
• The lighting should produce a non-glaring light.
• The lighting should be small and light, not heavy or bulky.
• The lighting should be sturdy, in case it gets bumped.
• The lighting should be cool to touch as to not damage the cabinets or their contents.
• For a more integrated look, consult with your contractor.

2. Plenty of drawers! As we grow older and wiser, it makes sense to prefer drawers over a cabinet or shelf for storing plates and baking essentials. A drawer allows you to pull all of the contents out with very little effort making those hard-to-reach corners a thing of the past for those aging (and living) in place.

3. Butlers station/beverage center. If space allows, a separate prep area away from the kitchen can come in handy for those that enjoy entertaining. It can double as a beverage station so that kids or guests have access to drinks without being in the way of the cook.

4. Frameless Cabinetry. TWD offers the Aspire line of frameless cabinetry through Wellborn Cabinet. Maximize every inch of your kitchen space with full access cabinets, fully concealed hinges, push and touch to open technology, full extension and soft close system, and even integrated lighting giving you more options for cabinetry in your home.

5. Microwave Shelf. TWD does not recommend installing the microwave over the stove for safety reasons. Whether you are of a young age or young at heart, it is never safe to reach over a hot stove or lift heavy pans over it in order to make use of your microwave. Having the microwave installed in a cabinet or open shelf near other cooking appliances minimizes scalding risks for all of the cooks in your house. Another noteworthy suggestion is to look into locating the microwave drawer at a lower height within a base cabinet making it accessible to children who are able to operate it themselves and/or those with limited mobility.

6. Trash and/or compost drawer. No one wants to see (or smell) a stinky trash can with last night’s left overs in it.

7. Wine rack insets are a great way to use up the extra space that you have between cabinetry and the wall or in an island. This not only serves as décor for your space, but keeps your favorite beverage close at hand.

8. A docking station for your smart devices. There are a few things to consider — do you want one dedicated area for charging or will you need to be able to effortlessly charge around your kitchen.

9. A pull-out spice organizer. This allows you to store various spices, oils and condiments within reach while cooking, yet out of sight and organized.

10. Open enders. Another take on using up wasted space on the blank panel ends of your cabinets is to use open enders. Simply put, it’s open shelving on the end of your cabinet, which can be a great place to store everyday items that you use such as coffee cups, fruit bowls, or décor while keeping them from cluttering up your countertop.

11. Cabinet hardware. While they seem like a small detail, hinges and drawer pulls are more important than you might think. Studies show that clam shell pulls and styled handles are your best options for ease of opening drawers and cabinets in accordance to universal design practices. Knobs can become difficult to grasp, espcially for those with arthritis and do tend to catch on things.

12. Cutlery drawer. Include a cutlery drawer into your design. It will keep your knives stored safely with proper room for silverware in a neat and orderly fashion.

By incorporating these clever ideas, you will quickly see how much more efficient your kitchen will be, making it a win-win for you and your budget.

About TWD – Design. Build. Remodel.: 

TWD is an award winning full-service general contractor that has been honored to build an extensive portfolio of kitchen and bathroom remodels, full home renovations and repairs while serving the Greater Phoenix area since 1996. For more information on the services offered visit or call (623) 544-1211 to schedule your Design Showroom appointment with one of their expert designers. TWD is an authorized dealer of Wellborn Cabinet Inc. A Certified Rosie Partner Since 2012. ROC271236

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