• Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Habitat ReStores best places to shop for home-improvement items

David W. Myers

There are several ways to save money when launching a new construction or remodeling job. One of the best is to shop at the “ReStores” that are operated by the nation’s largest not-for-profit housing group, Habitat for Humanity.

DEAR MR. MYERS: I recently heard that one of my favorite charities, Habitat for Humanity, also operates several retail stores that offer some good bargains in things like construction materials, appliances and other home-improvement items. Is this true? If so, how can I find a store near me?

ANSWER: Habitat for Humanity, which has built more than 300,000 homes for low- and moderate-income persons in the U.S. and rehabilitated countless more, is one of my favorite non-profit groups too. And yes, it’s true: Most of the group’s so-called “Habitat ReStores” sell a variety of construction and home-improvement items, from lumber and paint to furniture and appliances.