Get Your House Festive Ready With Our Curated List Of Cool Decor Items

Get Your House Festive Ready With Our Curated List Of Cool Decor Items

What’s festivities without bold, sparkly lights? This year opt for a sophisticated set up with Czech lighting giant Sans Souci’s latest lighting collection called Haida. Not only does this extraordinary statement piece epitomise meticulous handmade craftsmanship of glass-blowers, but it also implants the unconventional print of nature from the place – Haida. Each bulb in the light represents an impression of a basalt stone, carefully imprinted with brass or decorated with a soda effect. So there is the roughness of North Bohemian nature, and also the delicate lightness of glass art. It is designed by Tomáš Sákra. How magnificent! 

Sarita Handa’s festive collection

Deck up your cosy corner with these cool gifting for your loved ones. To make festive gifting a breeze, Sarita Handa adds a new category of fabric lifestyle accessories—upcycled organisers, pouches and tissue box covers. These sustainable pieces are made with waste fabrics from upholstery production. The myriad colours and printed, embroidered or jacquard textures lend these products a unique personality. If you’re looking to illuminate your living spaces, we suggest you opt for her special decor items such as tea light holders, lanterns and taper pots in antique-nickel colouring. Finally, beautifully engraved metal flower vases and boxes, as well as lightweight iron trays make for a refreshing change with their nostalgic allure and add an additional dose of warmth to your festive celebrations.

Wine Bottle Rack by Curio Casachristmas decorations

Having a small intimate party? This sleek Wine Bottle Rack by Curio Casa is perfect for your living or dining and doesn’t even take up much space when you have guests to entertain. It is a minimal piece which will fit well with the decor of every kind seamlessly.

Neeta Kumar Inhabit launches Charpai collectionchristmas decorations

If you’re looking to make a big-ticket purchase that will instantly transform your home, we suggest you getting yourself this cool statement charpai from Inhabit. Taking off from the ancient concept of char-poi, Neeta Kumar, who is a furniture and interior designer and the founder of Inhabit, adds a contemporary spin to the idea and elevates it to a statement-making collection that can enhance the beauty of a place in a unique way. A fine blend of tradition and modernity, the furniture pieces are also inspired by architectural monuments and motifs. The artisanal cane is used to fashion minarets and arches that form grand backdrops for the richly crafted seating. Perfect for a close family gathering!

Having guests over? An instant living room attraction will be this layered coffee table by Ochre At Home. Created out of a bouquet of three circular tops in different sizes with bold, hand-painted patterns, and propped at different levels, it jazzes up your living room with its artistic flair. The wooden base has been given an open-pore matt polish. Designer Ajay Arya’s sense of proportions and eye for harmony with colours – blue, green, ochre – are evident in this captivating piece of furniture.

Candles and Christmas ornaments at Baro Market’s Christmas Bazaarchristmas decorations

If you are venturing out for last-minute decor shopping, ditch your usual market place and head to Srila Chatterjee’s Baro Market at Raj Mahal, Cumbala Hill, Mumbai. 

Christmas special products by The Yellow Dwellingchristmas decorations

The Yellow Dwelling has the perfect range of Christmas specials to add a little magic to your decor. Their Christmas Special Products include a wide range of charming embroidered cushions, table runners, placemats & napkins in pure, sustainable cotton, looks great just anywhere; on the bed, the easy chair by the window or even on the sofa to snuggle up with! Or favourite, these bright red cosy cushions that add just that pop of colour to your living spaces. So go on, add a little magic with our Christmas decorating ideas and let the holiday spirits shine on!

Christmas Décor by The Rug Republicchristmas decorations

Don’t we all know someone that takes decorating too seriously. If you are one or know someone, this is the perfect gift! These handwoven rugs are perfect for Christmas and the fall season. “A light-coloured wool or viscose rug is not versatile and multi-seasonal, but when juxtaposed with the lush green of a Christmas tree, and multicoloured baubles, transforms into something else,” says Raghav Gupta, Director of E-commerce, The Rug Republic. Our #StyleTip is to add this light, gorgeous rug underneath your Christmas tree for that #insta perfect picture!

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