• Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Garden Q&A: Plants poisonous to puppies

What’s in my yard that might poison my puppy?

Like so many Americans during this time of isolation and social distancing, we bought a puppy. It was something we were planning to do anyway, but probably not until next year. But it seemed sensible to move up the timeline since we are now both at home, not traveling and not being with our friends. So, with all that said … meet Rusty.

We haven’t raised a puppy for 17 years and had forgotten about the, shall we call them, challenges of an eight-week-old firebrand. We only remember the warm, happy — albeit sluggish as a rock — mature companion we lost.

(Here’s where the gardening part comes in.)

As my nametag implies, a Master Gardener spends a good amount of time in the dirt. I know that one day Rusty will companionably settle in the grass beside me and supervise my weed-pulling or flower-planting or whatever.