• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

french fry cutter: A French fry cutter can ease the task of slicing potatoes and hence, the entire preparation process of French fries. French fries are one of the most loved snacks and this simple tool will help you easily prepare them quickly and efficiently. | Most Searched Products

The prep time of slicing potatoes for French fries can take forever, especially if you are preparing a large batch. Make this task super simple and easy with a French fry cutter. While purchasing a slicer or cutter for potatoes, you must be aware of the important features to look for. Sharp blades are a mandate as potatoes are tough vegetables and the blades should slice through them without snapping or breaking. Coming to fry cutter’s design, there are several kinds of cutters available with two to three blades for a variation in size and style. You can go for a curly fry cutter or a cutter with a variety of blade width. Also, to be able to use your fry cutter efficiently, you need it to be stable on the countertop. As an additional feature, look for suction cups or rubberized feet at the bottom of the fry cutter for added stability. Look through our picks of fry cutters to find the best one for yourself:

This simple, straightforward tool will help you slice big potatoes into French fries in a jiffy. The plastic cutter features stainless steel blades that will slice potatoes into square-shaped fries. By simply pushing the upper part of the cutter, you can slice a large batch of potatoes conveniently, without worrying about their shape or size.

The manual tool is perfect for at-home use.

If you love curly fries or simply want to indulge in your favourite delicacy in a new shape, this crinkled fry cutter would be a great tool for you. The slicer can be used for chopping veggies, cutting fruit, potato, soap, waffle fries, pickle chips and more. The crinkled slices of vegetables and fruits can also be used for decoration.

The crinkle fry cutter is made of stainless steel blades and it features a wooden handle.

In case you are preparing a large batch of French fries and want some variation in size, go for this fry cutter that comes with two different blades. The blades will help you prepare both thickly and thinly sliced potatoes. The thinner blade can also be used to chop onions and more.

This cutter is made from high-quality stainless steel and plastic.

This potato cutter is designed with a sturdy handle that will help you slide large potato into multiple slices at once. The potato cutter is made from stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and safe for food. The handle is made from an aluminium alloy that provides strength and durability.

This cutter comes with 2 interchangeable blades.

This potato slicer comes with an additional vessel that will collect the chopped slices of vegetables. The slicer works on a press-mechanism and would ease all kinds of chopping tasks in the kitchen. Apart from potatoes, you can use this tool for other items also like carrots, cucumber, apples and more.

The slicer comes with an extra set of blades.

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