Five easy decorating tips from a non-decorator | Homes

Five easy decorating tips from a non-decorator | Homes

In a world where HGTV and the DIY channel exist, it’s hard to pinpoint just exactly what kind of decorative style fits your home aesthetic. There are so many design themes to choose from, like modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, bohemian and even industrial.

It can be kind of overwhelming when choosing decor for your home, and as someone who is terrible at decorating, I understand just how frustrating it can be.

I always look for decoration solutions that are minimal and require little effort because I know I never will be the next Joanna Gaines.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned from many Pinterest boards and TikTok videos that are minimal but pack that decorative punch you need to make your house look like it stepped out of a Better Homes and Gardens catalog:

Have a designated photo wall

You can use your own pictures for this project. Look for inexpensive picture frames at a secondhand store or thrift store or utilize some frames you already have. The trick is to organize the pictures in a way so that they look like a collage.

The end result will look like you spent hours working on the wall when in reality you spent 20 minutes.

Refresh permanent fixtures

It’s crazy how much new paint can liven up a room. If you’re looking for a refresh, try going for a lighter color on your walls. Maybe your kitchen cabinetry is in need of some updates? Paint them. And while you’re at it, add new hardware to make them look like you bought them brand new.

As long as the frames and doors on the cabinets are structurally sound, you can clean them up and brush on some new paint, and within a weekend, take your kitchen from drab to fab.

Use fake flowers to spruce up

Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or any other craft store or florist always have an assortment of artificial flowers for a reasonable price. If you don’t have a green thumb, create your own fake floral arrangement and use it as a centerpiece for your kitchen table.

Lego also sells a floral arrangement you can build just like any other Lego puzzle. These “flowers” have grown in popularity within the last few months.

Make your windows look bigger

Curtains often can make or break a room, especially if you want to add more natural light to a space. If you hang your curtains too low, your space will look cramped. You want to hang your curtains at least a few inches higher than the top of the ceiling.

The curtain rod should extend past the window length to ensure that the curtains hang next to the window. This will give the illusion that there is more window space behind the curtains, while also allowing more natural light to filter into the space you’re working with. The height will even make the whole wall look larger.

Stick to your style

If you are struggling to pick a theme for your home, always go with your gut and never settle for decor you don’t like just because it matches the rest of your things. I am guilty of doing this myself. While uniformity looks great, you aren’t going to enjoy your home if it doesn’t have the things you like in it.

For example, I am all about decluttering, and I try to keep all my trinkets put away and out of sight. Sometimes, though, it’s a good idea to have some out to give your home some personality.

Following these easy tips will help lessen the frustration and hopefully make decorating more fun. By breaking down home decorating into simpler steps, you likely will end up with something you love and be less likely to get overwhelmed.