Febreze Partners With Garcelle Beauvais to Design Homes Through Scent Styling
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Febreze Partners With Garcelle Beauvais to Design Homes Through Scent Styling

When we decorate our homes, we think of colors and textures first, but we may be missing out on another key sense: Scents can seriously elevate the design of your home. According to Garcelle Beauvais, “scent styling” is the missing layer to your perfectly curated room. The actress, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, and design lover partnered with Febreze Air to spill the secret to sharpening your eye and training your nose through scents. “Home cohesion doesn’t stop with the eyes,” she says. “With Scent Styling, you’ll love what you see and smell throughout your home.”

Finding the scent that complements your home and personality helps build memories your family and friends will remember whenever they visit. With over 30 unforgettable aromas to choose from, Febreze makes it incredibly easy to find the air freshener that suits you best.

Beauvais explains, “Interior designers know the power that smell can have in a home – there’s a reason realtors use smells as a finishing touch.”


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Morgan Eberhard, Senior Scientist at Febreze, adds, “Research reveals how bad smells can equally impact a space in a negative way. So, no matter how beautifully decorated or satisfyingly organized a room may be, the design isn’t complete until the sense of smell is addressed.”

Searching for ways to revamp your space? We have all of the tricks.

How to Scent Style Your Home

“Your kitchen is the heart of your home! I would use lemon or citrus to freshen up so it doesn’t compete with the food,” says Beauvais. “You can also try Linen & Sky in your guest room and Moonlit Lavender in your bathroom.” Here are her tips for finding the right scent:

Step 1: Think about the room and how it’s used.

Step 2: Consider the visual aesthetic and the overall mood.

Step 3: Follow your nose to your favorite fragrances.

garcelle beauvais febreze scent styling


If you’re someone who can’t resist lighting a candle (scent connoisseurs, we’re right there with you) don’t fret! You can layer Febreze sprays and curate a unique signature scent for any room you choose. Whether your aesthetic leans to a soft, minimalist West Coast feel or a bold mid-century modern touch, Beauvais advises choosing scents with similar base notes so the candle and Febreze spray don’t compete with each other or the overall ambiance.

“I love the Febreze Ember,” says Beauvais. “The mandarin note reminds me of when I was in Haiti. My mom would always put a tangerine in my bag before I would go to school and that scent takes me back to that memory.”

Febreze Ember Air Freshener

Ember Air Freshener

Febreze Ember Air Freshener

Scent styling is the key to spreading positivity and making your space inviting! Of course, we had to ask the RHOBH personality about how she would scent style the upcoming reunion. “I don’t think it’s been invented yet,” she laughs: “It would have to be packed with sage or holy water.”

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