• Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

El Pollo Loco Unveils New L.A. Mex Restaurant Design with Enhanced Off-Premise Convenience and … | Money

The restaurant designs share an enhanced digitized experience – including cubbies for mobile to-go orders, a double drive-thru with digital menu boards, and GPS-enabled curbside pick-up, all integrated with the company’s dynamic and versatile mobile app.

To honor the brand’s heritage and highlight what makes El Pollo Loco so unique, subtle brand cues permeate throughout the entire restaurant, from the cleaver door handles (which is a nod to the fact that all chicken is cut to order) to the turning fork chandeliers (which repurposes a tool of trade used by the brand’s skilled Grill Masters). Similarly, murals, imagery and city maps evoking the brand’s 40-year Los Angeles hometown roots on the interior and exterior walls.

“Where you will see our commitment to design manifest itself in the most dramatic of ways is with our new restaurant of the future,” said Brian Carmichall, Chief Development Officer at El Pollo Loco. “To compete in a COVID world, we knew we needed to create a unique concept that is anchored in technology, accessibility, and modern design elements infusing our brand history to make it easier and more rewarding to be a customer.”

EL Pollo Loco’s new L.A. Mex restaurants, the first of which are being built this quarter and in 2021, will come to life with innovative features for the most seamless customer experience possible:

Double Drive-Thrus: Select restaurants will feature two drive-thru lanes and digital menu boards to expedite the experience.Retail-As-Theater: The back-of house where the chicken is grilled will be fully exposed through an enlarged window in the drive-thru lane, showcasing the artisanal and culinary skills of El Pollo Loco’s Grill Masters while customers wait for their food.Pick-Up Cubbies: Customers will have the option to go fully contactless and pick up their mobile to-go orders from designated cubbies inside the restaurant.GPS-Enabled Curbside: As part of the recently launched loyalty experience, Loco Rewards™ customers will have expanded access to GPS-enabled curbside pickup on the mobile app – allowing the opportunity to automatically alert the restaurant team that they have arrived from the dedicated pickup parking spots for the fastest possible service.Outdoor Seating: A new extension to the traditional dining room, giving customers the option to enjoy dining outdoors under a covered patio.