Eight Gifts That Will Not Break The Bank

Eight Gifts That Will Not Break The Bank

Easy Holiday Gifts | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

A good gift for a friend or family member can be hard to come by this holiday season. What are the best gifts that are practical but will not break the bank? These eight items will make any recipient smile this holiday season. 

Gift cards to local businesses 

Local businesses across the country, whether they are restaurants, book stores or record shops, have been struggling in these recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Help support a small business and put a smile on a friend’s face by purchasing a gift card to a business they love or that new shop downtown.   

Framed posters 

Grab a poster of a friend’s favorite musician, a movie they love or, perhaps, a world map. These can add some decoration to a dorm room or bedroom, and gifted posters look even better with a frame. 

Graphic novels 

During the pandemic, reading has become a stellar way of spending time while staying at home. Graphic novels put a spin on the traditional book, adding in colorful and striking images that help move the story along and allow for a fun reading experience. Any friend will likely enjoy flipping through the pages and getting lost in the world of the story. 

Scented candles 

Spice up any room in a friend or relative’s house and purchase a scented candle for them this holiday season. There are a wide variety of scents to choose from, allowing for an easily-personalized gift that will not hurt the wallet. 

Mugs and glasses 

Raise a glass (or two) to a friend or relative and pick up some themed drinkware at a local store or through an online retailer such as Etsy. A personalized mug or one that features a humorous quote could become their next vessel for morning coffee or evening hot chocolate. 

Wacky socks 

Getting socks for Christmas is usually not something that a young person enjoys, but humorous or cozy socks can help lighten the holiday. Best of all, this gift can be worn often and can provide comfort and an interesting conversation long after the holidays are over.  

Personalized playlists 

Music is a tool that many people have used to escape their environment or give it some new ambiance, whether they have been running miles or attending college classes. Instead of going to the store, compile a playlist for a friend that contains their favorite songs, artists they have listened to on repeat and new tunes that they might like. 

Baked goods 

The only cost for this present would be from any ingredients not currently sitting in the cupboard, and the work put into these goods will be immediately rewarded once the friend or relative takes a bite of their delicious desserts. 

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