Eastern area real estate transactions for the week of Jan. 10

Eastern area real estate transactions for the week of Jan. 10

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LSF9 Master Participation Trust sold property at 43 Bowstone Road to Jonathan Miller and Kala Markel for $289,000.

Anthony Amendola sold property at 3404 McCrady Road to Robert and Jamie Fritz for $262,500.


Paul Lapcevic sold property at 37 Terrace Drive to Kevin and Gia Edwards for $48,000.


Joshua Bernstein sold property at 558 Greendale Ave. to Anthony Mobile for $210,000.

Frederick Thieman sold property at 109 Race St. to Orlando and Summer Rae Garcia for $243,800.

Forest Hills

Phyllis Cowie sold property at 102 Forest Ridge Drive to Sandra Saunders for $147,000.

Tempest Property Management LLC sold property at 106 Lenox Ave. to Lee Hillman for $125,000.

Transmaw Property Management LLC sold property at 511 Lenox Ave. to VB One LLC for $93,000.


Linda Kober sold property at 24 Butler St. to Nicholas Good for $74,000.

Brandon Gibellino sold property at 1006 Sunset Blvd. to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $468,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold property at 1006 Sunset Blvd. to John and Amanda Lentz for $468,000.


M2 & M3 Capital Funding LLC sold property at 633 Dahlia Drive to Huong Vo for $193,000.

Estate of Leo Donald Fortwangler sold property at 419 Eden Drive to Brian Doyle for $125,500.

Alexander Russell sold property at 1342 Foxwood Drive to Corey Lazor for $260,000.

Gertrude Stypula sold property at 402 Haymaker Road to Tyler Ross for $99,430.


Richard Pearlman sold property at 110 Bella Vista Ct to Jason Hitchman and Lesley Sillaman for $650,000.

Joel Carolla sold property at 4801 Cherry Drive to Sutanu Misra and Sapna Jagtiani for $760,000.

Cobedo LLC sold property at 5575 Cline Hollow Road to Jason and Jessica Bittel for $369,500.

Nicholas Wilson sold property at 3206 Evergreen Drive to Thomas Beach III and Ruth Beach for $255,000.

Jeffrey Hovanec sold property at 310 Georgetown Ln to Timothy Rodgers for $335,000.

G. William Power sold property at 4901 Logan Ferry Road to Herbert and Deborah Eisele for $170,000.

Ronald Zdrojkowski sold property at 4310 Michel Ct to Christopher and Krista Marsh for $950,000.

Patrisa Corp. sold property at 1009 Molise Ct to Ameet and Snehal Upadhyaya for $215,500.

Paul Gionta sold property at 3903 Murry Highlands Cir to Glenn and Lori Rozeck for $315,000.

Andrew Reese sold property at 3384 N Hills Road to Erin Coughlan and Joshua Elliott for $367,000.

Estate of Olga Ahacic sold property at 2753 Roselyn Drive to John and Amy Waldron for $160,000.

Lorraine Lanzino sold property at 3927 Sardis Road to Kenneth and Kristy Meier for $510,000.

Harcharan Patheja sold property at 2787 Walker Ct to Joshua and Hanna Parry for $589,000.

William Ott sold property at 3369 Windgate Drive to Jasper Price and Maureen Reilly Price for $279,900.

James Muri sold property at 4307 Woodbine Ct to Robert Hoffmann III and Christine Hoffmann for $334,000.

North Huntingdon

Tuba Family Trust T1 sold property at Baker School Road to Paul and Jeff Schade for $80,000.

L. Malcolm Hamilton sold property at 91 Bonnie Drive to Randal and Cynthia Reece for $3,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $31,130).

Helen McCracken sold property at 832 Brownstown Road to Dean and Linlyn Dobransky for $2,234 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $29,910).

Steven Cassley sold property at 240 Christine Drive to Michael Paul Brady for $385,000.

RWS Land Co. Inc. sold property at 377 Durst Road to Anthony Maroadi and Christina Thayer for $85,000.

Estate of John Simon sold property at 14181 Easy St. to David Gallagher for $126,000.

Ovidio Brugnoli sold property at Guffey Road to Minerva Family L.P. for $724 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $5,265).

Richard McConnell Jr. sold property at 2103 Haflinger Drive to Jeffrey and Shannon Zimmerman for $335,000.

Costa Industries LLC sold property at 1457 Hemlock Drive to Gerik Jenco and Millena Ellis for $74,900.

Christopher Roth sold property at 320 Marbury Drive to Segavepo LLC for $159,000.

Lauren Lubinsky sold property at 610 Pettigrew Road to Katelyn Missig and Jesse Frederick for $193,000.

Dillon Biesuz sold property at 12980 Ridge Road to Robert and Melissa Berger for $168,000.

Merrilyn Daune Mannarino sold property at 14201 Ridge Road to Segavepo LLC for $165,500.

RWS Land Co. Inc. sold property at 9234 Riley Way to Christine Detorre for $332,900.

Richard Stanczak sold property at Travis Drive to Jeffrey and Donna Detar for $4,100 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $17,778).

Estate of Frances Eki sold property at 920 Whitehead Ln to Timothy and Lyssa Gazdich for $180,000.


Richard Bowman sold property at 220 Commons Drive to Jessica Rose Papa for $160,000.

Geoffrey Clarke sold property at 1528 Pinehurst Ln to Robert James and Kimberly Marie Ackerman for $240,500.

Penn Hills

Estate of Jean Oconnor sold property at 312 Bon Air Road to Nicola Mammarelli for $129,000.

Fredrick McEntire sold property at 245 Datura Drive to Juan Jaquez Gonzalez and Karen Peralta Martinez for $149,900.

Carol Lampus sold property at 343 Dorothy Drive to Joseph and Jenica Burello for $50,000.

US Bank NA trustee sold property at 123 Golden Gate Drive to William Trollip LLC for $110,000.

Rebecca Shaffer sold property at 1476 Hunter Road to Ekaterina Iudina for $165,000.

Estate of Carrie Jane Sadler sold property at 140 Indian Creek Road to Robert Mahich Jr. for $80,000.

Ann Yvonne Costa sold property at 124 Lansdowne Drive to Natural Home Solutions LLC for $50,000.

Ben Nguyen sold property at 343 Laurie Drive to Reginald and Kathy Mathews for $150,000.

Estate of Charles Hicks sold property at 2217 May St. to Roberta Haines for $10,000.

Lucas Musewe sold property at 158 Shenandoah Drive to Austin Lussier for $73,500.

Donald Wilson sold property at 114 Valeview Drive to Shawn Michael and Rachel Elaine Kennedy for $135,500.

Penn Township

NVR Inc. sold property at 6003 Augusta Ln to Michael and Susan Priola for $298,695.

NVR Inc. sold property at 6005 Augusta Ln to Ryleigh Vertes and Kade McClure for $299,185.

John Lentz sold property at 6028 Baker School Road to Cory James Holmes for $219,900.

Edward Schmidt sold property at Boquet Road to Dominic Grenaldo and Tanisha Smith for $79,800.

Kathleen Mills sold property at 126 Chris Drive to Jodi Marie Jefferson for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $233,097).

Martin Jacobson sold property at Church St. to Timothy Martin for $1,231 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $11,598).

RWS Land Co. Inc. sold property at 1002 Dallas Ct to Brad Thomas and Holly Lynn Reinhart for $120,000.

Joseph Potocnik sold property at 207 Deborah Ln to William George Newell Jr. and Valerie Jean Newell for $315,000.

Susan Burger sold property at 127 Janet St. to Jason and Kelly McDonough for $349,000.

Housing & Urban Development sold property at 35 Martha Ave. to White House Development LLC for $125,000.

Cory Holmes sold property at 236 McWilliams Road to Maureen Bourke for $168,900.

Linda Boyd sold property at 1 Stonehaven Drive to Reid Rotzler for $192,500.

Elizabeth Byerly sold property at 111 Warrior Ct to Brandon Nedley for $82,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $135,585).

Kevin Morris sold property at Waugman Road to Edward Schmidt for $30,000.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at 1083 Wedgewood Drive to NVR Inc. for $72,189.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1096 Wedgewood Drive to Salvatore Sheffo Jr. and Erin Sheffo for $462,610.


Maronda Homes LLC sold property at 209 Olivia Drive to Peeush Goyal and Tina Agarwal for $335,000.

John Fetchko sold property at 201 Overbrook Ter to Joseph McFetridge and Nicole Lang for $240,000.

Plum Borough School District sold property at 100-160 School Road to Sakir and Ulviye Yucel for $158,000.

Michael Wilson sold property at 3017 Settlers Ct to Jason and Kristina Varner for $304,000.

Haibo Zhai sold property at 15 Stonehaven Ct to Michael and Maria Desilva for $330,000.


Joseph Cravotta sold property at Unknown Address to Anthony Hill for $68,750.

Ann Hopwood sold property at 7205 McClure Ave. to Marc Sklar and Donna Maione for $155,000.


Mark Seifert sold property at 277 E Edgewood Ave. to Larry and Aileen Kester for $95,000.

Maronda Homes LLC sold property at 224 Ridgecrest Ct to Francis Xavier Pessolano Jr. and Dana Louise Pessolano for $389,830.

Roger Reichenbach sold property at 236 Timber Road to Dustin Kalkstein for $150,000.

Turtle Creek

Janet McIntyre sold property at 514 George St. to Cheryl Barrow for $98,280.

Estate of Sylvia Fragomeni sold property at 816 Mercer St. to James Brown Jr. for $118,000.


Wen Zhang sold property at 970 Elizabeth St. to Quelle Nicole Diggs for $130,000.


James Wells sold property at 7283 Beacon Hill Drive to Beacon Hill Apartments LLC for $89,000.

Beverly Burnett sold property at 1218 Coal St. to Lepalais LLC for $11,000.

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