Decorating for Christmas brings joy | Lifestyles

Decorating for Christmas brings joy | Lifestyles

Early in November a friend said she was adding one Christmas decoration to her home daily. She maintained this helped her forget COVID-19 and reminded her that we all need to take more time to remember what Jesus did for each of us. Immediately I decided her thinking was what we all should be doing.

Last year a lady in our Sunday school class did a fantastic job decorating our classroom for Christmas. When she brought a small decorated tree that could hang on a wall, she noticed how much I enjoyed seeing it. The following Sunday she brought an identical tree for our house. It was the first and last Christmas decoration to be placed in our living room in 2019. This tree will appear first and last each Christmas as long as we live. Her tree now hangs on the key for the upper part of an antique secretary in our living room. From the chairs where we sit, it’s easily viewed and sincerely appreciated.

Because our younger granddaughter has several paintings on the washstand in the kitchen, the nativity has been moved to the lower shelf under the television in the living room. Now that some people are thinking Christ might have been born in a cave, our nativity looks as if it’s in a cave.

For years, in the center of the kitchen table, we‘ve had a candle surrounded with lots of carefully-placed greenery in hopes it won’t start a fire. This year I decided it wasn’t worth the bother. When friends brought a beautiful poinsettia Dec. 1, it was immediately placed in the center of the table. It’s a joy to view because it’s alive — not plastic — and reminds us of how wonderful and thoughtful friends are.

We always had greenery, wreathes, and waterproof red velvet ribbons on the mailbox, light pole, lights on both sides of the garage door, and porch. Those days of decorating are history. It’s too cold, and the doctors no longer approve of our being on ladders. When people pass our house in 2020, they will only see a three-foot, lighted tree in a front window. It was a gift from our son who knew how much I had enjoyed decorating for Christmas. It’s so easy to put this tree in a 30-gallon garbage bag and place it in the closet of the bedroom our sons once occupied. If the snowflakes on it fall into the garbage bag, they are easy to find. The best part is that the tree is no longer stored in an extremely cold attic.

On the exterior of the front door hangs a large Christmas stocking with two cardinals and a silk poinsettia securing it in place. Wreathes were always too thick and created a problem when the storm door had to be closed. On the interior of that door is a bell tied with Christmas ribbon. Decorating for Christmas this year has taken minutes not days.

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