Decorating does not need to be scary expensive | La Vida

Decorating does not need to be scary expensive | La Vida

As the year moves forward, the need for holiday decorations arises. The first holiday to require attention is Halloween.

Anna Manzarez, general manager at Party City, shared her tips for gathering decorations to have an eye-catching abode.

“The first thing you want to do is come up with a theme and map out your ideas on paper or however you organize your ideas,” Manzarez said. “Creating a vibe once you enter the area you’re decorating allows guests to appreciate the space.”

Manzarez said the go-to vibe to emulate during the spooky season is a dusty, cob-webbed and creepy living space.

“Fake spider webs are honestly a staple and a pretty inexpensive way to decorate your home. If you live in a dorm, I’m sure you can put webs outside your door,” she said. “If you live in a house or apartment you most definitely can add them to your door, living room, and to make it even more realistic, place the spider webs where you normally collect dust.”

When decorating, a good tip is to buy or make your own decorations that you can use multiple years in a row. If you make your own decorations, Michaels craft store is a store that DIY lovers can stop by.

Erica Carter, a Michaels associate, said a crafty decoration a decorator might make is a wreath.

“You get the base of a wreath, whether that be a grapevine, wire or foam base, then for each season you can decorate with the corresponding colors of your theme,” Carter said. “For Halloween, you can use spiders, orange and purple flowers, for Thanksgiving you can switch out the colors to be orange, brown and gold. Each holiday has endless possibilities.”

Carter said Michaels switches holidays earlier than when each season starts so crafters can be prepared for each one. She said wreaths are versatile and can be inexpensive because decorations can come from anywhere. 

Bria Holmes, a second-year nursing student from Fort Worth, said she draws decoration inspiration from the Internet.

“I spend hours on Pinterest looking for ideas and new ways to decorate my apartment,” Holmes said. “I like to make decorations out of old silverware and glasses that I find at Goodwill. I paint the inside of unique jars that I find at the store and I create a color-coded theme for each holiday season.”

Holmes said she goes all out for Halloween and Christmas. She created tombstones out of old boogie boards that were $5 at Five Below, painted the exterior black and wrote “R.I.P” on them.

Another craft Holmes found on the Internet was making pumpkins out of old shirts and stuffing them with fluff and beans, she said. 

“I grab all these ideas from the Internet and I modify them to fit into my budget and my creative ability,” Holmes said. “I love creating new crafts, and I feel that any amount of decorations whether you find them, buy them or make them can instantly transform your living space into the holiday dream of any season.”

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