Dad shares funny hack to convince toddlers to take medicine

Dad shares funny hack to convince toddlers to take medicine

This TikTok parent shared the funniest hack for getting your child to take their medicine!

Crystal Ransons (@crystalransoms) is a mom-of-3 and TikToker who shares parenting hacks and DIY home decoration ideas, along with videos of her adorable kids. In a hilarious recent video, Crystal shared the silly hack her husband, Scott, came up with to get their kids to take their medicine. The video features the dad and his toddler son, Maverick, taking “shots” of medicine together.

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The video begins with a shot of Scott and Maverick sitting in the family’s kitchen. Several partially-filled shot glasses sit in front of the father and toddler, and both are grinning widely, clearly having a great time.

While Maverick’s shot glasses are filled with medicine, Scott’s are full of red Gatorade. The Gatorade matches the color of the medicine perfectly, making it look like both the dad and toddler are drinking the same thing.

Toddler won’t take their medicine?” a caption reads. “Take shots!”

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Maverick and his dad both lift a shot glass to their mouths at the same time, and drink the liquid down. Then, they immediately reach for a second shot glass, and chug that one down as well. Without hesitation, the toddler enthusiastically takes the medicine! “Get it buddy!” a caption reads.

The video ends with both dad and toddler draining their glasses. Scott stacks the shot glasses on top of each other, while Maverick looks on. In a caption, Crystal writes, “This was definitely dad’s idea, but it worked! Toddler medicine hack for the win!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the goofy hack!

“Dude will be ready for college too. Win win,” one viewer joked.

“Shots for tots!” another viewer commented.

“I did this with my daughter when she was a toddler! Even chanted, ‘chug, chug, chug!’” one parent shared.

If Scott’s medicine hack proves one thing, it’s that toddlers love to party!

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