Creative and Fun Home Decorations to do with Your Family

Creative and Fun Home Decorations to do with Your Family

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Decorating your home can be fun when done with the family. It’s good to involve the kids in adding more personality to your space. The process does not have to be expensive, but with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity you can bust out your craft supplies and toolkit to liven up your home with new decorative ideas. 

While it may feel easier to run to your nearest home depot, these easy-to-do decor ideas will give your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and the rest of your house new life. Tap into framing your favorite family photographs together, jigsaw puzzle, or your kid’s art to completely transform a space. A new pillow or a rotation of furniture can also do the trick. The options are endless. It will not only be a fun activity for the entire family but think about how great it will feel when guests ask how your home decor came about.

To help we have listed a few creative home decoration ideas to do with your family.

Puzzle time

One of the best ways to bond is to sit down in the living room and work on 500 piece puzzles while talking with your loved ones. Exercise those cognitive and problem-solving muscles. Bridge the generation gap and challenge your family with a large scale puzzle that you can mount on a peel and stick board or frame once completed. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a puzzle together.

The framed puzzle is a new piece of art that can be displayed on one of your walls at home. This will not only serve as creative home decor but also represent a fond reminder of how your family laughed and struggled to put the pieces together.

Highlight home-grown talent

Visit your local art supply store and bring home a few sets of stretched canvas, paper, acrylic, watercolours, or oil paints, and set a day to create art with your family. Hang and frame your children’s best masterpieces and display them with pride on your living room wall.

Mix simple yet modern ready-made frames and arrange them in a classic floor-to-ceiling grid. The framed art will show your children’s progress or growth throughout the years, and brighten your living space. If you prefer photographs, select the best captured moments as a family. 

Re-arrange your bookshelf

A messy shelf can make an entire room appear unorganised. Arrange books from the tallest to shortest on most of your bookshelves. Don’t over-accessorise them. Try working with baskets or colourful boxes to store and hide unappealing CDs, DVDs, or paperbacks. Leave a few vacant spaces so it will give your eyes the opportunity to rest.

Book covers can carry great cover designs and graphic images, so feel free to mix it up by showcasing a new book each week. Let each member of your family choose their favourite. This way you can have a rotating and readable art gallery on your shelves.

Found Objects

Did your kids bring home their favourite shells from your last trip to the beach together? Or did you pick-up some special rocks you found from a recent camping trip? It’s always good to bring out special mementos or found objects that have a significant personal meaning to you and the family.

Instead of resorting to expensive or fancy decor, make time with your family to bring out your treasured mementos together and use them as simple yet meaningful accents throughout your home.

Make your own throw pillows

Throw pillows can liven up a room through the use of playful patterns, colours, and textures.  What better way to inject character in an otherwise dull room than by creating your own pillows with your family? Seek out simple throw pillow patterns online or tutorial videos on YouTube that can assist you in crafty ways to make throw pillows at home. 

Work with your kids’ preferred hues, patterns, and fabrics to create one of a kind throw pillows of various sizes to decorate your living room sofa, bedroom, or comfy chair.

Make a rotation

When you live with something for a long time, you forget it’s even there. It’s wise to put away a few decorative items for a while so you will be able to fall in love with them again when you take them back out. Swap a rug, your vintage chair, table, or pillows from one room to another to change the appearance of your home.

This can be a fun activity to do with the entire family because you’ll be surprised how different spaces can look when other people supply their own twist on the design.

Recycle old holiday decor

It is not necessary to bury holiday decor for 11 months of every year. An artificial tree or wreath can be used to highlight other seasons. Be creative with the rest of the family and celebrate each season with red flowers for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, earthly colours and leaves for fall, and so forth. Add a few festive lights for better effect.

Old Easter baskets can hold your fruits and vegetables or other trinkets in your child’s playroom. Be creative and let your family express their sense of style and personality and yet still be tied together by a seasonal theme.

In Closing

Spending time together does not require a lot of money, but you can enjoy each other’s company with a little creativity and flair. A cozy home can be decorated by adding a newly completed puzzle to your wall, a DIY pillow, or even a neatly arranged bookshelf.

Decorating your home as a family will not only bring you closer together and make your space feel like a home, but it will provide pleasant memories to look back on for many years to come. 

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