• Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

County’s real estate market takes advantage

Gary Fainshtein had been thinking about relocating from Queens to South Florida for some time. 

Then the coronavirus struck. Like so many New Yorkers, he had been working remotely for months, and realized that he could do that just as easily from South Florida. 

In December, he closed on an eight-year-old, five-bedroom, 5,000-square foot home at The Bridges, a GL Homes development west of Delray Beach. He is renovating the house to build a bigger study where he will oversee his clinical lab based in Linden, N.J.  

“If it were not for the pandemic, we probably would not have made this move,” Fainshtein said. “Working remotely became routine in New York. You could say we were on the fence and the virus pushed us off the fence. If you are working from home, it doesn’t matter if you are an hour away or 20 hours away.”