Completely change your home with decorative vinyl

Completely change your home with decorative vinyl

Decoravie vinyl, the best choice for your home

Of course, mustering up the time, money, and courage to renovate the home is a great feat, and not always a necessary one. Enter: decorative vinyl. Decorative vinyl comes in endless different designs in which you stick to either your floor, walls, or ceilings. This can be anything from a full floorboard makeover vinyl to change the entire material-look of the room, or it can simply be a waller sticker over the top of your wallpaper. 

Wall stickers are a means to express your personality through the interior design of your home in a way that you didn’t think was possible. More than just patterned wallpaper or colour choice of paint, wall stickers are more personalised and flexible. This could be a matter of sticking a 2 meter Charles Chaplin stick on your lounge wall, a banksy stencil in your garage, or an Avengers wallpaper in the kids’ room.

Alternatively, if you’re somewhat spiritual perhaps you would like beautiful Mandalas. Of course, with decorative vinyl, you have also opened up the world of text too, where you can find quotes in English, Spanish, French, and so on; something that could have been written by you yourself.

The bedroom wall stickers are a very fast way to radically change a room in the cheap. Sticking up vinyl on the wall can be done in a matter of minutes, almost always costing under USD$50. Wall art stickers and wall stickers for kids are the most popular, as well as 3d wall stickers. However, there’s also a different kind of wall stickers.

Tiles stickers

Kitchen tile stickers are often used as a means to change an already-existing tile into a different pattern or texture. However, the physical underlying tiles do not strictly need to be there in order for the illusion to work.

This has opened up a new opportunity for bathroom tile stickers. On walls that are not tiles, one can stick on some bathroom wall stickers to give the illusion of bathroom tiles, and of course, this offers such versatility in terms of material appearance and designs. A bathroom can be radically changed by creating a feature wall. Plus, the wall stickers often act as further water resistance too. Even you can have in your wall stickers inspired in National gallery pictures

The same can be said for bathroom wall stickers – they can act as tiles too. This is a common choice to place above the head of the bed, creating a focal point in the room. For example, 3d brick stickers can be placed on a wall to achieve not only the appearance of a brick wall but also the texture of one, unless touched. This is a much more affordable, reversible, and versatile method compared to stripping the wall down to its bricks. Alternatively, it could be used as a tester – if you still enjoy it after a month, you can go ahead and make the decision to fully make the brick wall.

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