Christmas home decor DIY project ideas

Christmas home decor DIY project ideas

If there were ever a year we needed some extra cheer, it’s definitely 2020. Since staying at home is even more necessary these days, a fun way to lift your spirits is by filling the house with festive holiday decor (bring on all the twinkle lights!).

There are cute decorations you could buy, but with all the extra time on your hands this year (see you next year, Christmas parties!), you could make them yourself.

TMRW scoured our favorite DIY blogs to find some of the most cheerful and easy holiday DIY decor projects. Schedule an order pickup at your local craft store and get busy!

1. Christmas Present Kitchen Cabinets by Studio DIY

Every day can feel like Christmas when you walk into a kitchen that looks like this!Studio DIY

Every morning will feel like Christmas morning when you go into your kitchen and spot these gorgeous and festive present-wrapped cabinets. Find out how to get the bows just right using the tutorial from Studio DIY.

2. Glam Mini Christmas Trees by Barefoot and Crafting

Can you believe these luxury decorations were made from things all found at the Dollar Tree?Barefoot and Crafting

These fancy trees look like they could be found in a luxury boutique, but they’re actually made from items found at the Dollar Tree! Vanessa Riquelme of the Instagram account @barefootandcrafting gives the step-by-step instructions on YouTube.

3. Felt Christmas bulb garland by Oh Yay Studio

Add a fun pop of color to your Christmas decor with this homemade garland.Oh Yay Studio

You can make these colorful felt light decorations as a garland or even ornaments. Find the pattern and instructions at Oh Yay Studio.

4. Custom Christmas Stockings by The House That Lars Built

You can choose whichever fabric you like for these to match your Christmas decor theme.Jane Merritt / House That Lars Built

The best part about making your own stockings is that you can pick out whatever fabric and embellishments you want. Download the template and see how they’re made at The House That Lars Built.

5. Modern Christmas Wreaths by Burkatron

These modern wreaths are so unique.Burkatron

If your home’s aesthetic is clean and modern, here’s a cool project for your walls or door. It’s simple yet stunning. Find out how to do it at Burkatron.

6. Dried Orange Garland by I Spy DIY

Save a few oranges to snack on while you’re making this gorgeous garland.I Spy DIY

This homemade garland isn’t just classy, but it adds an unexpected color scheme to the standard Christmas decor. See the tutorial at I Spy DIY.

7. Giant Star Pillows by Paper & Stitch

So cozy and cute!Paper & Stitch

Ditch your boring old couch pillows and brighten things up with these festive metallic star pillows. An added bonus: they also make a great snuggle accessory while you’re binge-watching Christmas movies. Get the template and instructions at Paper & Stitch.

8. Painted Pine Cones by Lovely Indeed

It only takes a minute to make these pretty decorations.Lovely Indeed

Head to your backyard or the park and pick up some pine cones for this simple and cheerful project. Find out exactly how to do it at Lovely Indeed.

9. DIY Advent Calendar by Heart Handmade

This is the most fun way to count down to Christmas Day!Hearth and Made

It may look expensive, like something you’d see on display at a store like Anthropologie, but this DIY advent calendar doesn’t cost a lot to make. Plus, you can really get creative with each of the day tags. See the step-by-step instructions at Heart Handmade.

10. Vintage Ornament Wreath by Inspired by Charm

So many pretty colors! Inspired by Charm

Ornaments aren’t just for trees. Here’s a fun way to create a custom wreath with Christmas baubles. See the tutorial at Inspired by Charm.

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