Christina Haack Sees a Kitchen Trend ‘Everyone’s Going To Want’

Christina Haack Sees a Kitchen Trend ‘Everyone’s Going To Want’

Christina Haack is familiar with many hot home trends, but on the latest “Christina on the Coast,” she stumbles across one she’s never seen (or heard of) before. That’s a first!

In the Season 4 episode “Kitchen Meets Waterfront Dream,“ Haack agrees to help married couple David and Odett renovate their tiny Yorba Linda, CA, kitchen for $80,000. While it ends up costing a little more than expected, at $86,000, the extra money is well-spent—particularly on one upgrade new to Haack that she thinks could catch on fast.

Read on to find out what this up-and-coming kitchen trend is, and learn plenty more lessons you might be inspired to apply in your own abode.

Tile can tie two different styles together

This backsplash is eye-catching.


Right away, Haack realizes that David and Odett have very different styles. Odett likes bright whites and metals, while David likes things more rustic.

“Rustic to him is using darker colors and natural elements like wood and stone,” Haack says. “Which is pretty far from her light colors and metal finishes.”

She tries to find finishes that will please them both, and ends up with a geometric kitchen backsplash that does the trick.

Christina Haack finds the perfect compromise between modern and rustic.


“The backsplash has a modern geometric pattern that she will like,” says Haack, “but it’s in a natural marble texture that he will love.”

Haack is smart to use the backsplash as an opportunity to combine their styles. While blending modern and rustic styles sounds impossible, this tile pulls it off.

Choose two colors for kitchen cabinets

This kitchen was neither rustic nor modern.


David loves the wood-tone cabinet Haack picks out, but Odett absolutely hates it. The couple end up choosing white uppers with dark blue lowers, and while the cabinets are more on the modern side, Haack approves of the choice.

“The blue cabinets and that backsplash will really complement each other,” she says.


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When the cabinets are installed, both Odett and David love the look. The white upper cabinets give the kitchen a modern flair while the bold lower cabinets add some personality.

These cabinets are much more modern.


Go rustic with a home bar

living room
Haack noticed this blank spot in the living room.


While David helped pick out the cabinets, the kitchen still has an overwhelmingly modern feel. Haack wants to make sure both her clients are happy with the home, so she offers to create a wine bar in the living room, using the wood-tone cabinets that Odett didn’t want for the kitchen.

wine bar
This wine bar has a rustic look.


“Wine has that kind of rustic vibe,” Haack says when presenting the idea of using the wood tone. “It’s pretty subtle, and I think the floating shelves would look really nice.”

When the bar is finished, it looks amazing. While the wood-tone cabinets may have been too much in the kitchen, this bar area is the perfect spot for a touch of natural charm.

A ‘smart hood’ may be the next big trend

hood vent
This hood vent might be the next kitchen must-have.


Early in the renovation, Haack realized that David and Odett will need to replace their refrigerator. At first, David considers getting a new fridge with a smart screen, but ends up getting a smart screen for the hood vent instead—an upgrade that even Haack hasn’t seen before.

“It’s almost like a huge tablet,” David explains. “You can get notifications from the laundry, from the dishwasher. It has a camera on it.”

They install the hood with the smart screen, which adds plenty of functionality to the kitchen. This unique feature will surely impress guests, and Haack is certain this will be the new hot trend.

“We’ve never done it, and now everyone’s going to want it,” she says.

No room for a kitchen island? Try a peninsula instead

Now there is seating in the kitchen.


Odett and David’s kitchen is small, and to make matters worse, it has a small island in the middle of the space, making it difficult to get around.

While islands have been a popular feature in recent years, Haack knows that sometimes a peninsula is a better option. In this kitchen, she removes the island and adds a small peninsula on the far end, where it will be out of the way.

With a peninsula, Haack is able to add some bench seating and make the kitchen feel twice its size.

“Now I feel like this is how the kitchen should have originally been designed,” David raves.

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