Bow Stacking Is the Sweetest, Small-Scale Decor Trend
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Bow Stacking Is the Sweetest, Small-Scale Decor Trend

There’s a sweet and simple new home decor trend sweeping social media feeds for the past few months now: bows, bows, and more bows! This romantic look started in the fashion world (where else?) in early 2023 and has trickled into the home, where it became particularly popular over the holidays to adorn Christmas trees with the delicate accessories. Those who are more dedicated have dressed up their homes year round with bow-patterned fabrics and wallpaper, bow-shaped items, and more. 

If you think adding bow-related decor is only for those under 10, think again. This soft and whimsical trend embraces girlhood and nostalgia in a fresh way, alongside other popular and playful decor styles like Barbiecore and fairycore. 

According to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report, the obsession with bows isn’t dying down anytime soon. The pinning platform noted that “millennials and Gen Z will embrace the art of ‘bow stacking’ as they adorn their outfits, shoes, hair and jewelry with this oh-so-delicate detail.” And interior design experts agree it’s coming to the home, too. Here’s what you need to know about stacking bows in your home while still keeping it elegant.

The Trick to Making Bow Decor Sophisticated

There are two important rules to keep in mind if you want to add bows to your home in a sophisticated way, according to designers.

First, start by choosing high-quality ribbons and fabrics. Stay away from nylon and polyester, and opt for more luxurious fabrics like satin and velvet for an elevated look. As Manhattan-based interior designer Tara McCauley puts it: Skip the gift wrapping department. (Instead, she recommends trying Etsy for “some antique passementerie.”)

“I think the key to maintaining a level of sophistication is to make sure your bow has some heft to it, stays puffy and full and is made of a beautiful quality fabric,” says Lori Shaw, founder and principal designer of Lori Shaw Interiors. “If it looks like you tied it yourself in 30 seconds using ribbon you had stuffed in a cabinet, and you slap it up on the wall, I don’t think that’s a look you’ll be proud of.”

It’s not just about material: Where you place your bows throughout your home also matters. Julia Newman, founder and principal designer of Julia Adele Design, recommends being selective—no need to cover every surface with bows and bow-patterned fabrics.

“A subtle bow on sconces can add a nice touch, and so can pillows with ties,” she says. “I also feel like bows can work with any holiday decoration given the right color and pattern,”

Embrace Bow Stacking in Your Home

If you’re trying to figure out how to start stacking, the experts have a few tips for where to try it. Shani Core, founder and principal designer of Shani Core Interiors, says that using bows to accentuate wall decor is one of her favorite ways to embrace this trend.

“In the south, we have always used bow stacking to highlight artwork and photography,” she says. “For maximum drama I love to hang decorative passementerie bows within a plate wall, in groupings with wall brackets and porcelains, and over artwork and mirrors. Bow stacking helps take your wall hanging of choice to another level, both aesthetically and vertically.”

Alternatively, McCauley recommends taking inspiration from one of famed-interior designer Mario Buatta’s signature looks—hanging artwork vertically over one long ribbon that is tied into a large bow at the top.

You don’t just have to limit yourself to your walls though.

“You could tie beautiful luxe ribbon to candlesticks, handles, pulls, etc.—or go big by tying a massive ribbon to your front door,” Shaw says. Adding a luxe velvet bow to the backs of your dining chairs, similar to how you’d add a small wreath during the holidays, adds color and texture but doesn’t take up space.

As with any trend, designers caution against making permanent changes to your space if you can’t see yourself tying the knot with bows for a long time. Take time to think through more major changes such as switching up wallpaper or reupholstering furniture. Opting for peel-and-stick wallpaper and incorporating a bow-patterned fabric with throw pillows or a blanket allow you to connect to your inner girl without overcommitting.