• Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Blending Art + Science – Jupiter Magazine

When thinking about interior design, words like creativity and flair immediately spring to mind – but many would be surprised to find there is a degree of science involved. Professional interior designers will usually follow a set of informal “rules” based on specific interior design principles and elements which include: space, lines, forms, light, colors, textures and patterns. The key to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior is keeping all the elements harmoniously balanced. And, always remember that form should follow function when it comes to interior design. You want your home’s design to be a space that is equally functional and aesthetically appealing.

Interior architecture focuses on a space’s interior and its functionality. Its objective is to transform a space into the client’s vision. At Gil Walsh Interiors we blend the art of interior design with the technical aspects of interior architecture. Our talented team not only chooses your furnishings, artwork, color palette etc. we also produce the layout’s configuration with hand drawn elevations, computer generated 3D illustrations, and lighting designs. We anticipate your needs and focus on the aesthetic elements while utilizing a broad set of skills and technical knowledge.

Despite the existence of multiple types of design schools, most styles revolve around combining two basic elements: the traditional classic and the trendy modern. Our talented design team partners with our skilled architectural team to create seamless projects from concept to completion.

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At Gil Walsh Interiors, we believe that your entryway is your home’s calling card—and first impressions are vital. Presenting the essence of the architecture and decor that awaits and revealing the first tantalizing glimpse of your individualized taste, the entrance to any residence is an opportunity to both welcome and wow guests.

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Above is a residential entryway from a recent Gil Walsh Interiors Palm Beach project, we used the process of blending art and science to create, restore and readapt the inside of this home. We designed this space with functionality as the priority as well as aesthetics. We strongly considered the lighting and furnishings to create a refined space with the client’s taste in mind. The first meeting with the client was to discuss the expectations of the project making sure to listen to their needs and building suggestions. Then we began to draft design plans to show placement of walls, windows, doors, and structural accents. These structural accents helped to create an aesthetic which brings out the client’s sophistication.

Our highly skilled ‘interior architecture’ department has extensive knowledge on the history of design, which they apply to projects of every style. They seamlessly combine functionality with beauty and strive to add value across all stages of your home’s design development.

We look forward to meeting with you in 2021 and sharing our additional recent projects.

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