• Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Birthday Party Decoration: Colourful birthday decorations for celebrating the special day of your loved ones | Most Searched Products

Turning a year older always calls for a celebration-be it for a little child or our adult loved ones. Birthday decorations featuring birthday balloons, lights, photo booth props are a must-have accessory for celebrations at home. Apart from making the room decor look festive, birthday decorations also make pictures memorable and click-worthy. Planning surprise birthday parties would feel much more exciting when celebrated with the best birthday decorations that stand out and ooze the fervour of turning a year older. From group birthday parties to small, intimate ones, here are a few recommendations for birthday decorations you can buy online:

This metallic balloon set consists of alphabet foil balloons that measure 16 inches each. The set also has 30 pieces of latex balloons in silver, black and blue. This birthday decoration set would be perfect would setting up a room for a birthday party gathering.

The latex balloons of measure 10 inches in size.

This birthday decoration set features alphabetical foil balloons, 2 pieces of silver fringe curtains and 24 balloons in black, gold and silver.

The height of each alphabetical balloon is approximately 16 inches and when lined up together, they will cover wall space of 20 sq. feet. The fringe curtains measure 3 by 6 feet.

Birthday candles are an essential part of birthday decorations as blowing out the candles is a very common tradition. These alphabetical candles will act as cake toppers and would look picturesque.

These candles are also perfect for presenting the birthday cake as a surprise.

Banners are perfect for decking up walls and doorways. They can also be hung over the dining table to give it a festive look. This gold-coloured birthday banner is perfect for birthday parties at home and can be stored for reuse as well. The cursive letters look elegant and their metallic finish has a glamorous appeal.

The letters are hung from a transparent string that can be easily fixed with a tape.

LED string lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere and this birthday decoration kit would be perfect for a birthday surprise.

This birthday decoration kit includes a single piece of ‘happy birthday’ banner, 8 pieces of golden confetti balloons and a single LED string light which is 9 meters long.

These ‘Happy Birthday’ cake toppers would be perfect for decorating the birthday cake. The toppers would make the delicious cake much more enticing and can be reused multiple times.

These cake toppers are crafted from plastic.

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