Best Home Decorative Items For Living Room

Best Home Decorative Items For Living Room

Best Home Decorative Items For Living Room&nbsp

It is important that you pick decorative items according to the style accent of your house. They should reflect positivity and energy. They should also look attractive. It is also important that you select the items based on where you want to place them. The outdoor decorative items should be sturdy, weatherproof and easy to clean. This article brings to you the 5 best home décor items that you can buy for your home.

Xtore® Home Décor Lucky Deer Family Matte Finish Ceramic Figures

This premium looking ceramic figurine of a dear family can be used to decorate living room, bedroom or study room. The subtle grey, brown and white off-white colour of the figurines match with all the colour accents. The decorative statues have been designed in a cute style with a smooth surface making them easy to clean. To prevent slippage, there are anti-skid pads at the bottom.


SAF Set of 3 Radha Krishna 6MM MDF self-adhesive UV Coated Home Decorative Religious Gift Item

This beautiful multi-effect painting has been pasted on a base of 6mm mdf with double side foam tape. It makes it long-lasting and unbreakable. You are suggested to add a suitable light focused on the painting to get a fantastic sparkling effect. The print of the painting is clear and precise giving it a premium look.


Global Grabbers Polyresin Sitting Buddha Idol Statue

Buddha denotes peace of mind that is free from ignorance, greed, hatred and other afflictive states. Placing of Buddha’s statue at home brings positivity and elegance. This product looks great as it is light and comes in bright orange and black colour. It has a great finish and is perfect for home decoration for any occasion. The product is made of polystone which imparts it durability. You can wipe it with a soft cloth to clean it.


WebelKart Pair of Kissing Duck Showpiece

This art piece imparts a traditional look to your living room. The statues of kissing ducks symbolise love and affection and bring a feeling of serenity to your home. The product is made of aluminium with golden streaks. According to Chinese beliefs, if placed together, the pair of mandarin ducks can speed up your search for a soul mate or even settle issues between spouses. The ducks are made of fine quality material that is durable and easy to clean.


Tied Ribbons Horse Statue Home Decorative Items

This is a beautiful horse statue that is made of resin. It is ideal for decoration in the living room, garden or bedroom. It has been intricately designed to bring a realistic and premium look. The bright colour of the decorative piece will bring elegance to your room or garden. The colour of the statue is fast and has been hand cast with excellent details. The figurine is weather-resistant, resistant to UV rays and is also fade-resistant. This means it can be placed outdoor in the garden aswell.


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