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Which gold Christmas decor is best?

Red and green are not the only colors that show off a festive holiday spirit. Metallic shades of silver and gold are popular decoration options for those who want a more glamorous Christmas scheme. A trendy decorated home sets the mood for the holidays, and what better way to show off your holiday spirit than with a chic display of gold Christmas décor?

The best place to start with a new Christmas collection is with the essential set of XinXu’s 42-Count Gold Christmas Balls Ornaments. A beautiful set of metallic painted ornaments, these gold Christmas decorations come in 10 styles for decorating your tree, garlands, wreaths and bowls.

What to know before you buy gold Christmas decor

Gold Christmas décor can come in many forms, whether meant for hanging, tabletop or floor displays. It’s best to have a theme in mind, as well as an idea of which rooms will be getting decorated. If the dining room is involved in the holiday cheer, consider some classy holiday dinnerware to match your gold Christmas decor.

Decoration ideas

All kinds of traditional Christmas decorations can be found in gold and its complementary colors. There are Christmas trees and the many accessories that come with them: tree skirts, garlands, lights, toppers and ornaments. Hanging Christmas lights, wreaths, garlands, stockings, candles, nutcrackers and Advent calendars are just a few of the many decorating options out there.


Decorating the entire house in the same style or switching it up from room to room is entirely up to the decorator. The most popular areas to decorate are the entryway, living room and dining room. Bedrooms and bathrooms are usually not fully transformed into a Christmas space but may have festive blankets and towels or small Christmas trees. Determine which rooms will be getting the Christmas treatment to narrow down what kinds of decorations will be needed.

Color scheme

Besides red and green, more modern takes on Christmas interior design prioritize metallic colors: silver, gold and rose gold. Choose a color scheme and stick with it to keep your decorations cohesive and the style uniform in each of the rooms.

What to look for in quality gold Christmas decor

A great decorative piece will be multifunctional: if it doesn’t work in one room, it should be able to work in another. Gold Christmas décor should be easily stowed away when not in use and have safety features to keep family members from harm during the holidays.


It’s easy to purchase superfluous items in the mayhem of Christmas shopping. If one of the decorations just doesn’t fit where it was intended, there should be another place for it. Items such as ornaments are especially versatile as they can be hooked onto most Christmas decorations or tossed into a decorative bowl. A great piece of gold Christmas décor should inspire creativity and have options for display.  

Easy storage

Remember that Christmas decorations are only meant to be used for a few weeks. Your gold décor is likely going to be stored away in a garage or closet for the majority of the year. With this in mind, it is best to have a game plan of how and where everything is going to land when the season is over. Quality decorative items will come wrapped in protective packaging that can be reused to keep them safe while boxed away.


Keeping your home safe during the holidays can be a challenge in the disorder of visiting relatives, gift-giving and home decorating. Many home decorations have safety precautions to minimize risk: artificial trees will be fire-resistant, lights will have auto shut-off timers and ornaments will be shatterproof.

How much you can expect to spend on gold Christmas decor

Standard Christmas decorations will cost between $10-$50 apiece.

Gold Christmas decor FAQ

What colors go with gold Christmas decor?

A. Gold Christmas decorations can match a wide array of colors. Gold is often mixed with white, black and other metals for a more elegant look, but gold décor can also be paired with other neutral shades.  Rose gold also goes well with white, black, neutrals, blues and greens.

What does the color gold represent in Christmas decor?

A. In the biblical story of Christmas, gold was one of the gifts brought by the three wise men. Gold symbolizes divinity and purity and has religious undertones when used in Christmas decor.

What’s the best gold Christmas decor to buy?

Top gold Christmas decor

Best XinXiu 42 Count Gold Christmas Balls Ornaments

XinXiu 42-Count Gold Christmas Balls Ornaments

What you need to know: This set has 42 assorted gold Christmas-tree ornaments in 10 styles.

What you’ll love: This large collection of plastic Christmas ornaments is shatterproof.  The styles are shiny, glossy, matte, glitter, shiny swirl and geometric mirrored.

What you should consider: Even though they are shatterproof, they can still be broken due to rough handling during shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top gold Christmas decor for the money

Greentime 12-Piece Gold Poinsettia Artificial Flowers with Clips

Greentime 12-Piece Gold Poinsettia Artificial Flowers with Clips

What you need to know: These glitter poinsettia decorations are great for Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands.

What you’ll love: These 12 pretty flower decorations can be added to Christmas decorations around the home, adding a beautiful touch of gold and glitter. They have metal clips for attaching them to other items.

What you should consider: The glitter can be messy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

AOGU 3pcs 20 Inch Gold Faux Fur Christmas Stockings

AOGU Gold Faux Fur Christmas Stockings

What you need to know: A faux fur Christmas stocking with branches of berries in gold.

What you’ll love: It comes in a set of three. These stockings have extraordinary craftsmanship and are easy to hang.

What you should consider: Available in only one size, color and pattern.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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