Are you ahead of the new Christmas bedscaping trend?

Are you ahead of the new Christmas bedscaping trend?

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  • When it comes to decorating for Christmas there is one room often left untouched. Other than a stocking, bedrooms are often devoid of any festive charm. Not this year, as Christmas ‘bedscaping’, has become the latest decorating trend we’re going wild for.

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    You might have heard of ‘doorscaping’ and ‘tablescaping’, but this festive decorating trend is all about the bedroom. Since the beginning of November, searches for ‘Christmas bedrooms’ on Google have increased by 83 per cent. While searches for ‘Christmas bedding’ have gone up by 69 per cent.

    Once a private space, our bedrooms have increasingly become exposed to the outside world, thanks to Zoom and Instagram. If you’re looking to add a little Christmas magic to your bedroom with a bit of festive bedscaping, design expert and director at Time4Sleep Jonathan Warren, and Head of Design at Christy, Lucy Ackroyd have shared their top tips.

    Christmas bedscaping

    1.Incorporate Christmas colours

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    This is the time to swap out your usual bedding for shades of forest green, ruby red, rich gold or a sparkly silver.

    ‘To add a touch of festivity, swap out the front few cushions for opulent velvet in jewel tones, such as rust and peacock,’ suggests Lucy. ‘The brilliant thing about velvet is that the sumptuous fabric feels decadently festive, but as it isn’t an overtly Christmassy pattern, you can utilise it all year round.’

    You can incorporate this through cushions and blankets, or go that extra mile and swap out your bedsheets and headboard.

    2. Layer fairy lights and candles

    Candles are a must in our bedrooms for unwinding in the evening. But they are also perfect for summoning up that cosy festive glow. Layer them up with fairy lights for an extra Christmassy touch.

    ‘Fairy lights are an age-old Christmas decoration that still has the ability to elevate any room to the next level – why not line them across your headboard or at the end of your bed for extra impact?’ says Jonathan. ‘By utilising the apex of your room, the bed, and adding twinkling lights, the transition to your festive bedscape will be all the more simple.’

    3. Add in Christmas decorations

    ‘If you want to go big with your bedscape, why not decorate with garland, paper chains and baubles? Scale up your simple fairy lights or line of tinsel with some added extras to really make it your own,’ suggests Jess Martin, design specialist at Ginger Ray

    ‘Dotting little pockets of Christmas decorations around the room will really help to summon the festive spirit, even in sleep!’

    If you are short on space, this space-saving Argos Christmas tree is perfect for standing next to a wall. Or a Bloom and Wild mini Christmas tree will look lovely on a bedside table or windowsill.

    4. Invest in festive scents


    Image credit: Katie Lee

    Scent is one of the most important things for summoning up that festive feeling. Round out your Christmas bedscape with a scented candle, diffuser, linen spray or a garland of dried orange slices.

    ‘Christmas is the perfect time to opt for strong scents, from heady spices such as cinnamon to the sweet scents of gingerbread and vanilla,’ says Lucy.

    ‘A lot of our childhood memories of the season will be built on scent and walking into a home that has the distinct aroma of roasted chestnuts, or Nordic Fir Christmas trees. It will instantly make us feel like Christmas has arrived.’

    5. Invest in a bed tray


    Image credit: Jon Day

    The finishing touch for your bedscape, laden it with mince pies and hot chocolate for your Instagram picture. Then nestle down for a spill-free Christmas classic movie marathon. It can even double as a mini desk if you can’t bear to tear yourself away from your newly decorated bedroom.

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    Will you be giving your bedroom a festive makeover?

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