Amazon Deal Of The Day: 7 Adorable home decor products for people who love pink
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Amazon Deal Of The Day: 7 Adorable home decor products for people who love pink

Most of us are still working from home which has made our house our place of work as well as our comfort zone and hence, it needs to be decorated the way you want. If pink is your favourite colour and you want to add an adorable yet feminine vibe to your home, these super cute pink products available on the Amazon deal of the day will add a femininity and an aesthetic vibe to your home.

1. LED Dreamcatcher 

If you are a dreamer, believer and a hopeless romantic in a world full of realists, then you must add this dreamcatcher to your home. Hang this beautiful pink LED dreamcatcher on your bedroom or living room wall and uplift the space. And as they say, the nightmares pass through the holes and out of the window while the good dreams are trapped in the web, which then slide down the feather tassel to you, so that you have sweet dreams every night.



Price: Rs.599

Deal: Rs.275

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2. Pink Shelves 

Add a pink aesthetic to your living room or bedroom while also adding some utility with these cute pink shelves. You can use these shelves simply for decoration, or to display your antiques and also as a bookshelf. You simply need to fix and mount the wall shelves on the wall with minimal effort and all the necessary fittings and accessories will come along with the product. 



Price: Rs.999

Deal: Rs.725

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3. Three-Tier Shelf 

Save your room space to the maximum, by making things well organised and orderly stored, and creating a comfortable micro-environment for your home or office with this three-tier shelf. This adorable shelf can be used to arrange your collection of perfumes, your makeup and also for your everyday skincare products. Apart from making your room look neat and organised, it will also add a decorative pink look. 



Price: Rs.2195

Deal: Rs.999

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4. Throw Blanket 

Add this pink throw blanket to your living room chair or couch for all those movie nights with your family or your partner. If you are someone who needs to feel cuddly and cosy while watching a movie or simply when you are hanging out with your family, you must get this throw blanket for your couch. This throw blanket is made from high quality soft microfiber polyester and features cut dotted pompoms. 



Price: Rs.1999

Deal: Rs.649

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5. Shag Rug 

Upgrade the look of your living room or bedroom in an instant with this pink furry shag rug. This rug is crafted from a super soft polyester that provides one of the most plush feels. This winter, step into comfort with this soft and fluffy shag rug and you may just find yourself spending more time relaxing directly on this rug! The modern style of this rug will also give your room a contemporary accent. 



Price: Rs.799

Deal: Rs.499

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6. Velvet Cushions 

These adorable baby pink velvet cushions will effortlessly uplift the look of your living room or bedroom. You can simply arrange them on your living room couch or use them as a back support and cuddle buddy on your bed. They are made of premium velvet and are super plush and soft. These cushions are irresistibly comfortable and skin-friendly.



Price: Rs.1499

Deal: Rs.799

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7. Unicorn Night Lamp

This super adorable pink moon and unicorn night lamp is a great choice if you have a thing for pink and unicorns, and also if you simply cannot sleep in pitch dark. This night lamp will add cuteness to your bedroom. You can also use it on nights when you have to work and do not want to keep all the lights on. This night lamp will make a great work and sleep companion.



Price: Rs.1999

Deal: Rs.999

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Add an aesthetic and cutesy vibe to your living space with these adorable home decor items available at discounted prices. If pink is your favourite colour, then decorate your very own space with these pink decor items. Grab these products available on the Amazon deal of the day at astonishing prices!


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