Achieving Financial Freedom Through Real Estate with Erin Helle, Real Estate Investor And Coach

Achieving Financial Freedom Through Real Estate with Erin Helle, Real Estate Investor And Coach

CLARKSVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / December 23, 2020 / Almost 3 years ago, Erin Helle had just completed 12 years of service in the US Army and was ready to embark on her next great adventure.

Although she had no experience in the industry, she dove head-on into learning all she could about real estate investing. She bought her first single-family home in May of 2018 and has successfully grown her portfolio to 32 doors, valued at almost $3M. Her advice to new investors beginning their journey? “With the right tools and strategy, anyone, at any level, can have success in real estate.”

Growing up, Erin Helle was an excellent student and athlete. She attended The United States Military Academy at West Point where she swam competitively and majored in Management. After graduating, she immediately began her obligatory 5 years of military service. “I excelled quickly and loved every moment of my time in the military,” Erin recalls. Twelve years and two deployments later, Erin had married another active-duty military member and had just given birth to her first daughter. After 3 months of maternity leave, she had every intention to return to the military, that is until she received orders to deploy just a few days after returning from leave. At this point, her husband was deployed as well, and with no desire to leave their newborn daughter in the care of a family member, Erin submitted her resignation and by December of 2017, left her army career with virtually no plan.

However, Erin comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners, and although the future looked uncertain, she was determined to achieve the financial freedom she’d dreamed of having since a child. Fortunately, Erin quickly discovered her affinity for real estate investment. “Although my success was fairly quick, those first few months were difficult to navigate without a mentor.” Although she experienced her fair share of hurdles, this trial by fire approach equipped her with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Armed with a desire to coach and mentor others to achieve financial freedom through real estate investment, Erin created BC Global Investments.

Today, Erin Helle works with new real estate investors all over the nation, providing them with the same tools, strategies, and techniques that helped her increase her net worth from $120k to over $800K in just 2.5 years.

In her free ebook, 8 Steps to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate, Erin provides her top tips for getting started in real estate. Erin shares the first 2 tips:

1. Harness The True Power Of Real Estate. It’s important to be able to understand the power of real estate. There are endless strategies to pursue in real estate. Any financial goal or timeline can be achieved with the right strategy. Smart investors can achieve quick money, significant return over time, and everything in between.

2. Set Goals. With each new client, Erin always begins by identifying their “Why.” It is important to understand the motivation behind pursuing real estate and to create your ideal timeline. “Everyone’s goals will be different,” Erin explains. “Someone may have a goal of making $20K a month, while a retiree might just need to make $2500 a month. No matter where you’re at, you can change your financial situation in just 30 days and be well on your way to your goals.”

In addition to her ebook, Erin offers a 2-month coaching program comprising 4 modules that include: strategic planning and goal setting, building a team and analyzing the market, analyzing properties, and finally, taking action/making an offer.

Throughout the 2-month course, Erin guides students through each module, spending the majority of her time in the action phase as she supports students through the entire process of finding and securing the right property.

Alongside her course and her free ebook, Erin has also written a second ebook titled How To Invest in Real Estate Like Your Life Depends on It; A Guide to Productive and Lucrative Real Estate Investing for Beginners. This ebook covers Goal Setting & Mindset, Discovering Ways to Purchase Real Estate & Building Your Team, Analyzing Markets & Deals, and Making Offers. By purchasing this compact and comprehensive guide, you’ll also gain access to Erin’s weekly e-newsletter packed with insider tips and resources to make your journey into real estate investing lucrative and attainable.

Erin contributes her success to her willingness to start. “Even though it was scary at first, I just took the leap, and look where it’s gotten me,” she says, “The benefit of real estate is that you can scale it to any level.” Over the years, Erin has worked with investors of all walks of life. “Everyone has a different end goal,” she explains, “But with the right strategy and application, anyone can reach their goals and achieve whatever success means to them.”

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