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‘Aai Kuthe Kay Karte’ episode written update for Jan 11,2021: Arundathi warns Nilima

The last Aai Kuthe Kay Karte episode, ended on an absurd note when Nilima tried to spoil Arundathi’s birthday by barging in conversations about Anirudh and Aapa transferring the house on Arundathi’s name. Aapa and Nilima get into a huge argument. Let us take a look at what happened on Aai Kuthe Kay Karte January 11 episode. 

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte written update for Jan 11,2021

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte latest episode begins with Aapa asking Neelima to leave and take Kanchan along with her. Neelima says no one is going anywhere. Kedar tries to change the topic. Kedar, Yash and Abhi try to cheer Aapa. At the same time, Devika surprises the Deshmukhs. 

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Kanchan gets shocked seeing Devika and asks Vishakha to pinch her. Devika hugs Kanchan. The latter greets Arundathi. Aapa also gets surprised by seeing her. Arundathi tells Devika to come to Mumbai more often. Devika says how will she when Arundathi cries every time she comes. 

Arundathi tells about her new job to Devika. She also shares about her diabetes with the latter. Devika says she is feeling better seeing good changes in Arundathi’s life. Devika also recalls the night when Arundathi learned about Anirudh’s affair with Sanjana. She remembers Arundathi’s emotional meltdown. 

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Devika compliments Arundathi on her changed confidence. Both close friends have a long chit chat about life and the future. Arundathi opens up in front of Devika. She also tells the latter about Anagha. Devika jokes about Kanchan not liking her. Arundathi enters the kitchen to cook, but Vimal tries to stop her. 

However, Arundathi gets her way inside and starts cooking. Nilima enters the kitchen asking for coffee from Vimal. After seeing Arundathi in the kitchen she starts her sly behaviour again. She talks about Anirudh and Sanjana. Nilima tries to poke Arundathi. The latter bursts out on Nilima. 

Arundathi says she did not wish for this life. The former warns Nilima not to talk about Anirudh at least on her birthday. Vimal takes Nilima’s coffee for Arundathi. Yash, Abhi and Gauri prepare decoration for Arundathi’s birthday party. Yash and Gauri ask Abhi to call Anagha. 

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