A Virtual Living Room To Try Before You Buy

A Virtual Living Room To Try Before You Buy

Try before you buy with Amazon Showroom, a room visualiser where you can design and decorate a virtual living room as you shop for furniture on Amazon.

Didn’t know this new experience in online furniture shopping existed? Well you can take advantage of it right now as we settle into the autumn/winter months and kit out our home ahead of the festive season. And, with Amazon Prime Day currently taking place with two days (13th & 14th October 2020) of exclusive deals for Prime members (sign up here for a FREE 30-day trial), now there’s no excuse not to get the right style or colour furniture for your home.

In need of a new coffee table or an armchair to read a good book in? You can use Amazon Showroom to visualise how it will look in a roomset.

Try Amazon Showroom now

Granted, it’s not the most comprehensive visualiser tool on the market but, it does the job at a basic level and it’s super easy to use. Even after spending a mere 30 seconds organising your virtual room, you’ll get into the swing of things.

You can change the flooring and wall colour, and swap out new furniture and accessories, specifically a sofa, armchair, coffee table, side table, floor lamp, rug and even wall art. All the essentials of a living room! You can filter the products too, based on price, ratings, colour and materials etc.

As you work on your project, you can save your room design, or if you’re satisfied, you can ‘add to basket’ and kit out your whole room at ease.

Amazon Showroom: living room


amazon showroom, room visualiser

Amazon Showroom: home office


And on that point, one downside is that, for the time being, you can only visualise a living room setup (there are two decorating styles) and a home office, but we know a bedroom layout would be a welcome addition.

Amazon Showroom complements one of its existing features, Discover, which sends customer recommendations where you can like or dislike furniture and home decor accessories to suit your tastes.

And, following its simpler version of AR View, Amazon is now rolling out a new augmented reality shopping tool, Room Decorator, which enables you to virtually add multiple products to your own four walls at the same time. This feature is currently only available in the US.

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