A Vintage IKEA Dresser Was the Heart of This Amsterdam Home

A Vintage IKEA Dresser Was the Heart of This Amsterdam Home

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Alyssa Neilson sitting at the eating desk in her Amsterdam condominium.

Image: Mikel van den Boogaard

What will make a order “worth it”? The response is distinct for every person, so we’re asking some of the coolest, most shopping-savvy folks we know—from small-business homeowners to designers, artists, and actorsto notify us the tale behind one particular of their most prized possessions.


Alyssa Neilson is a stylist, a strategist, and the founder of Studio Marie. Her social media promoting consultancy specializes in taking classification-defining and emerging models to the future level, and some of her purchasers contain Bread Beauty Provide, Buffy, Glossier, and Kin Euphorics. If you’ve been next the Houston indigenous on social media for as very long as I have, then you previously know she has an enviable closet whole of the coolest outfits and sneakers. Alyssa is always on the move—quite literally—and you can never ever pinpoint exactly where she may well be going up coming.

But what you may possibly not be mindful of is that Alyssa went as a result of just one of the most unconventional pandemic ordeals of all time: She expended her third trimester in lockdown, and a few months after supplying delivery to her initially little one, they both boarded a aircraft from New York to Amsterdam, where by they would stay for the up coming two decades with her spouse, Mikel van den Boogaard. It was a big shift, but for Alyssa the biggest obstacle that she faced while adjusting to life in her new surroundings abroad was the weather. 

“I understood my residence had to sense actually good,” she points out on a Zoom phone. “The weather there is terrible so they really don’t definitely dwell outside like Americans do. They have to seriously reside inside…. So it was truly important that I had a comfortable within working experience.”

Alyssa sourced this vintage IKEA dresser by way of her her mom-in-regulation from a secondhand store.

Photo: Mikel van den Boogaard


Alyssa squandered no time building herself at dwelling after she moved into her husband’s apartment. Offered that his model leans towards dim and masculine (she compares it to a library), the very first purchase of business enterprise was brightening the room with pops of color. “I’ve usually loved a ton of colors, that’s constantly been really essential to me,” she clarifies. “With Amsterdam, I understood that it is so dim and grey there that I definitely wanted some colour almost everywhere I seemed.” Luckily for her, their property previously had large windows for organic light-weight to pour in on the light-weight flooring, which made everything feel additional ethereal. Nevertheless she’s a large admirer of Scandinavian structure, Alyssa did not want to “live in a overall Copenhagen household that’s tremendous vibrant and everything appears like a toy.” With that in brain, she kept the coloration strictly to accessories ordered from shops like HAY and Finnish Structure Store

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