A Peanut Butter Cup-Inspired (Non-Alcoholic) Beer and 5 More Home and Design Releases

A Peanut Butter Cup-Inspired (Non-Alcoholic) Beer and 5 More Home and Design Releases

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week:

Athletic Brewing Nature Nut Porter

athletic brewing nature nut porter

Athletic Brewing

Leading non-alcoholic beer brand Athletic Brewing is going nutty with its latest release, a Porter made with Justin’s, a popular nut butter brand. The two settled on a peanut butter-inspired porter, which essentially tastes like a chocolate peanut butter cup, a Justin’s specialty. Athletic will also be donating two percent of its sales to the brand’s Two For The Trails initiative, which helps to maintain and rebuild nature trails, walking paths and outdoor green spaces — plus, Justin’s will make a matching contribution.

Price: $13/six-pack


Mom Grass

mom grass

Dad Grass

Dad Grass’ CBD joints helped me alleviate my post-Election Day anxiety, and now the brand is ready to bring in Mom Grass. Mom Grass joints are made with CBG, an alternative to CBD, but still non-psychoactive so you won’t end up being conked out. Studies on CBG, which stands for cannabigerol, are still in its early stages, but the supposed benefits — staving off inflammation, pain and nausea — may have you reaching for your lighter and ashtray.

Price: $35+


Truff Truffle Oil

truff truffle oil


A drop of truffle oil on your French fries is guaranteed to add a 300 percent upcharge. Don’t fact check me on it, but you have to admit it sounds about right. Truff, our favorite truffle-adjacent brand, is now selling truffle oil after “only” selling truffle hot sauce, truffle pasta sauce and truffle mayo. Its oil is an infusion of real black winter truffles with olive oils, so you can buy an order of large fries from McDonald’s and douse it in truffle flavor.

Price: $25


Balmuda The Lantern

balmuda the lantern


You may know Balmuda for its infamous $329 toaster, which is basically for the bread lover in all of us. Its new release is a lantern, which is meant for outdoor and at-home use. With three adjustable settings — candle, amber and warm white — the light sets itself up for whatever environment you put it in. Whether you’re trying to set the mood at the dinner table or you just need a light source for a camping trip, the lantern is a little ray of light.

Price: $199


Bearaby Weighted Blanket

bearaby weighted blanket


You need a weighted blanket, and we found Bearaby’s Tree Napper to be one of the nicest. On Earth Day, the brand brought back its popular weighted blanket, and it’s now available in three new colors: Dayflower, Amber and Elderberry. The blankets are naturally moisture-wicking and cooling because they’re made of TENCEL, which is derived from eucalyptus. The return of the Tree Napper also marks the start of Bearaby’s partnership with EcoMatcher, which is helping to plant a forest in Uganda.

Price: $269+


Blue Bottle Coffee x HUMAN MADE Future Blend

blue bottle coffee x human made future blend

Blue Bottle Coffee

Nigo is the brains behind two cult-favorite streetwear brands, Human Made and A Bathing Ape. He’d previous done collaborations with Adidas and Louis Vuitton, and now he’s getting in on some coffee. The designer is a fan of lighter-bodied, fruitier coffees, which informed his decisions in collaborating with Blue Bottle. The Future blend is a mix of natural-processed Ethiopian coffees, which bring those fruity flavors Nigo loves, as well as some funky berry flavors. Try this in a pour over to get the full flavor of the coffee, but a drip coffee maker or French press can also do the trick.

Price: $21


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