• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

A modern home with European touches west of Gainesville

“What you focus on, you create.”

The illuminated sign hangs over a floating television as the sole wall decoration in the open living room. Large windows encase the area with natural light, and the white, black, angles and lines give a clean, modern feel that’s inviting all at the same time. This is exactly what owner Daniel McKibbin and his boyfriend, Lorne Rodriguez, are going for.

“The house, from a distance, looks super modern, but when you step in, you see how it’s more comfortable,” Rodriguez said. “It’s not minimalism; the personality comes out in the few things we have. The structure itself is so cool, why fill it with decoration?”

“The house itself is the decoration,” McKibbin added.

The newly built modern home on West Newberry Road, just east of Tioga, has attracted a lot of attention from architectural aficionados and from regular passersby. Facing that busy road, Gainesville residents had a front-row seat to the home’s construction over many months.

“Several people stop by every week to ask who the builder was,” said McKibbin, who took on a lot of the construction himself. “Maybe someone will make me a good enough offer to move someday, but I’d like to live here for a while because this was a lot of work.”