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A guide to the ultimate summer garden


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You do not Illuminate your burrow with a single spotlight. And you will certainly rethink your bedroom before painting it in an apparently disturbing bright red. But as soon as the homeowner goes out of the back door, even the most discriminating person can lose a sharpened aesthetic. “It’s important to think of an outdoor space with the same logic as indoors,” said New York designer Christina Nielsen, who recently rebuilt her patio.

Lighting should be layered, planting should calm you, and decoration should be considered as thoughtfully as your living room. In these five stories, landscape professionals and interior designers have a strategy to correct wheelbarrow-equivalent patio, deck, and garden mistakes and ask their neighbors if they want to work on their next garden.

New Home Garden Trends — Landscaping for Mild Anxiety

For centuries, Japanese monks have benefited from contemplative conspiracy. Clients are now looking for landscape architects to create gardens that create a sensually calming sanctuary with elements such as sound, scent, and movement, rather than relying on flashy flowers. This is their way.

Outdoor lighting tips to make your garden look like a luxury resort

Many of us upgraded our outdoor spaces last spring and summer: sections, fire pits, pieces. However, few have invested in well-designed and well-executed lighting. Designers advise that outdoor lighting should follow the same concept as indoor lighting: careful layering. From wall-mounted sconces and LED chandeliers to stepped-embedded articulated floor lamps and light bulbs, we’ve put together the best ways to raise your garden with high-quality lighting.

A guide to the ultimate summer garden

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