7 Ways To Add Christmas Cheer In Every Room
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7 Ways To Add Christmas Cheer In Every Room

If you’re like us, you can’t wait to get Christmas decorations up the minute it’s time (let’s be honest, sometimes even before it’s time). There’s no doubt that the star of the show is the Christmas tree, but we believe every room in your home should lift your spirits with a bit of Christmas cheer. Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, there are so many ways that you can add a festive touch to make your Christmas season feel extra joyous.

Need some decor inspiration? Here’s how to get your home twinkling in no time.


Nothing says sharing the love like a bit of mistletoe hanging in a door frame. Though some might be more comfortable with an air kiss these days, hanging mistletoe (even for show) is one of the oldest Christmas traditions out there. Dating back to the 18th century, mistletoe has long been used as a sacred plant considered a symbol of love and good health. Hang a sprig for a little added sugar and spice.

Nativity Scenes

With the popularization of sites like Etsy, hand-crafted nativity scenes are more accessible than ever. Brighten up a buffet or an entryway console with one of these traditional sets. If you have young children, let them be a part of the fun: using a kit like this can help bring the Christmas story to life and add extra excitement to a child’s holiday season.

Garland Galore

While a silvery garland may wrap your tree, there are few things more beautiful than a live garland. Swagged over a door frame, draped across an outdoor entryway, or spiraled on a banister, garland is one of those magical Christmas touches that is not only festive, but actually elevates a room. Most nurseries trim the Christmas trees they sell and keep the clippings specifically for garlands – stop by and ask for an armful of boughs to take home, then use a heavy-duty floral wire to fix them together. For ease, use Command hooks to attach your garland to its Christmastime home. If you want the effect but don’t have time to put in the labor, use this hack: buy an artificial garland, then incorporate live elements like magnolia leaves, dried orange slices, and strung cranberries by twisting the faux branches around your organic elements. It packs the same punch in half the time.

Stovetop Potpourri

While this isn’t technically a decoration, it is something that helps your home feel cozy and Christmas-y. Follow this recipe to fill every room with a delicious holiday aroma, perfect for holiday parties or quiet evenings snuggled up watching Christmas movies.

Multiple or Mini Trees

Who says one room should have all the fun? If you’re a “real tree” family, try an artificial tree in another room. Go out on a limb by choosing a different decor theme from the tree on the mainstage: Is your main tree lit up in warm white lights? Go colorful in another area of your home. Get your kids involved by giving them a chance to decorate their own small trees to live in their rooms with big, colorful bulbs and ornaments. Pop by a local grocery to purchase a small Christmas tree for tabletop or front porch decoration.


A lively wreath on your front door is a staple of the season. Put the garland tricks listed above to use for your wreath: buy an artificial one and layer in fresh fir branches, holly clippings, and battery-powered lights to keep an unsightly cord from dangling. While you’re at it, consider adding one to interior doors as well.


Nothing feels cozier than sitting down to dinner at a table that’s cheerfully decorated. Add little touches without breaking the bank, whether you have a rectangular or circular dining room table. To go a more traditional, glamorous route, use a white table runner and some short votives with neutral or metallic figurines or trees. For a fun, boho feel, use a burlap runner and add organic showstoppers like fresh-cut pine branches, wooden coasters, and dried fruit. Break out the Christmas china and make every meal an occasion.

No matter how you choose to decorate, your personal style will infuse your home with coziness and cheer. Adding these little touches will wrap your loved ones in holiday spirit all season.