7 Renter-Friendly Hacks to Enliven Your Dorm Room

7 Renter-Friendly Hacks to Enliven Your Dorm Room

Living in a rented apartment is not the same as living in your own space. You can’t make any massive redecoration because your lease will end one day, and you’ll have to move out. In addition, some owners are not fond of the idea that someone will be rearranging their flats the way they see fit.

The same refers to the students who live in a dorm. This room will never be truly yours because you’ll graduate one day. But it’s okay if you feel the need to personalize the space around you a bit. After all, you’ll be living in this room for at least 4 years.

This is especially relevant for those students who got stuck in their room during the lockdown. Daunting assignments can be handled by essay help with EssayHub, but there is no essay writing service that can make your dorm look less tedious.

So, the good news is that there is actually a renter-friendly way for you to enliven your dorm room. You can make serious changes even with simple things. Here are a few of the ideas.

Buy Indoor Plants

Nothing makes your living space more alive than a plant. This is a very easy and inexpensive way to make your room more personalized. If you like taking care of plants, buy more demanding greenery. If you don’t want to spend too much time on it, there are plants for you, too. Today you can find anything you need that fits your budget and expectations.

Just imagine that you’ll have a green plant to look at whenever you feel too loaded with writing assignments. Isn’t it beautiful?

Add Some Décor

Dorm rooms barely have been touched by an interior designer. They were meant to be ergonomic and functional: no one actually cares about any décor while constructing a dorm. However, if you are creative enough, you can inject some décor elements which are quite renter-friendly.

For example, go to any DIY store and look for home decoration and ornamentation. Even if you don’t find a ready-to-use object, you can get inspired enough to create one on your own.

Choose Your Tableware

You don’t get to change lots of things in your dorm room. However, when it comes to tableware, you are free to go. Various plates, cutlery, glasses, and other stuff can be easily replaced with refreshed pieces. You can even décor your stationary and add bright colors to it.

Try to make objects surrounding you more vivid or dazzling. Let them complement each other by adding dynamism and energy to your workplace. It will definitely help you be more enthusiastic about writing essays and working on your homework.

Create a Wall

If you are bored with looking at an empty wall in front of you while sitting at your desk, you can change it. Buy posters or wallpapers that can be easily removed when you move out. Make your study corner brighter to infuse some energy.

Personalizing walls in your dorm room makes sense if you really feel disengaged with the place. Adding colors that fit your taste can make you feel more at home.

Purchase New Bed Linen

Such a small and intimate item as bed linen changes the way your dorm room looks like. It often gets neglected and forgotten but indeed revamps your bedroom. Thus, if you want to make a statement, go and get some fresh and lively bed sheets.

If you want to redecorate your room quickly, buying new bed linen is the best way to do that. Its contribution to the redecoration and refreshment of your room is immense.

Add Lights

Changing lights in your room is the best way to make it look different at night. You don’t have to do anything other than buying a new lamp or a bulb to see the result. Don’t be afraid to act bold and think of purchasing different colors rather than warm white.

Lights can really help you create a cozy place for yourself or, on the contrary, add energy to the place. Combine different kinds of illumination to burst your room with life at night.

Consider Vases, Rugs, and Cushions

Small items added here and there can help you make your place look unique and exciting. Have you ever noticed how cozy a room becomes with a rug in it? Or how tempting a bed looks if you put cushions on it? Do this magic in your room, too.

Incorporate some stylish vases, ceramics, and other stuff in your room, transforming a dorm into an attractive home space. Let yourself be creative and fill the interior with some decoration. Choose a style that inspires you and improvise in your room.

Final Words

Don’t think that if you rent a place, you have no right to personalize it. Of course, you are limited in the means of doing it, but it shouldn’t stop you. You need to make yourself feel at home even if the place doesn’t belong to you. Fortunately, DIY stores and the internet have lots of stuff to offer for ‘innocent and mild’ decoration.

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