6 new ideas to try in 2021 to make your house a better place to live

6 new ideas to try in 2021 to make your house a better place to live

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Many people wrongly think that upgrading their home is costly and time-consuming. They believe that home improvements are all about buying expensive furniture and taking hours to redecorate with ideas taken from interior design books. This couldn’t be further from the truth as just a few small changes can make such a massive difference in your home.

To help out everyone who is looking to create a more comfortable home, here are 6 new ideas you should try to make your house a better place to live.

1. Throw Out the Clutter

There’s nothing that ruins a stylish, comfortable home quite like a load of old clutter. Ridding your home of unwanted clutter is the first easy thing you should do to create a better living space. Many of us forget that when it comes to a comfortable home, less really is more. Start off by making two lists of the things you use daily, the things you use sometimes, and the things you never use. Store the things you use sometimes out of sight in closets or in stylish baskets or storage boxes, and get rid of all the things you never use. You can sell them, donate them or just throw them away. This will give you more space to keep your everyday items organized and will make your home look much bigger.

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2. Create a Pleasant Environment

A huge factor in the quality of life which you enjoy in your home comes down to the environment which you are able to create. This involves getting the temperature right using heaters or air conditioners and also ensuring that your house is always clean. There are online guides and tips for everything home related which can tell you how to purify the air in your home, keep everything clean and tidy and generally create a pleasant atmosphere. It is particularly important to focus on the air your family is breathing, so always make sure it is free of pollutants or nasty irritants.

3. Give Your Windows Some TLC

The windows in your home can really have a huge effect on how it looks and the experience you will have living there. Bad window treatments can leave your home feeling dark and miserable. Get rid of your dusty old curtains and fit some sleek blinds or shutters. These will give your house a contemporary look and are also easy to just wipe clean with a damp cloth which will save you a lot of time and effort. It’s always important to choose a style and design of blinds which match your home, so it is often advisable to choose neutral colors.

4. Include a Wow Feature

Creating a wow feature in your home can really inspire the vibe of your entire home. When it comes to wow features, you should always think about the rule of three. This means that you may have three different colored pillows on the sofa, three pieces of artwork on one wall or three vases of different sizes in a row near the door.  Once you have included a wow feature in one room, it may give you some ideas for features in other rooms.

5. Perfect the Lighting

Getting your lighting right can make a huge difference to your home. It’s vital that you bring your lighting into 2021 by adding contemporary light fixtures. Choose soft, yellow lights rather than harsh white lights to create the perfect ambience in every room. You can either have one main lighting fixture or make your lighting set up with different sources around the room such as lamps or string lights. The balance between light and shadow in a space can be totally transformative so this is a key aspect of your home which you should never overlook.

6. Upcycle Everyday Items

Many people think that to improve their home they have to go out and buy lots of pricey new items but you will be amazed by what you can create with a little creativity and time. Look out for interesting items in your home which aren’t being utilized or have become unloved and think of exciting ways to breathe new life into them. You might use an old bucket as a plant pot or an old wine bottle as a vase.

Making your house a better place to live in doesn’t have to take a lot of time and money. You can really transform your home with just a few simple ideas and a touch of creativity. Look at each element of your home carefully and ask yourself if it is enhancing your space. Great home design is all about maximizing every feature you have.

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