• Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

5 Tips to blend vibrant colours in your living room for a quick and quirky makeover

Reinventing your house and giving it a makeover amidst the pandemic is the new normal to keep ourselves busy and engaged. While trying to keep ourselves occupied, we keep scrolling through fancy home decor magazines looking for inspirational ideas to jazz it up. 

On a quest to spruce up our living room and make it look lively during the lockdown, here are simple ways you can add some life to your living room for a quirky makeover.

1. Add a colourful sofa

a brown leather couch

© Provided by Pinkvilla

Start by adding a colourful sofa in ravishing colours. A red or a blue sofa will blend in with the rest of the furniture. Choose bold colours as it will look eye-catching and some life to your dull living room.

2. Get a vibrant floor lamp

Get a floor lamp of blue or yellow colour. This will add more colour to your living room and make it look aesthetic.

3. Place a rug with an abstract pattern

a bed in a small room

© Provided by Pinkvilla

Throw in a rug with a pattern on it as this will add more theme to your living room. Choose a patterned rug or an abstract rug of bold colours that will add a funky touch to your living room.

4. Add a dramatic chandelier

To finish your easy and quirky makeover, add a dramatic chandelier that will be the cherry on top. It will illuminate your living room and make it look stylish.

5. Throw in a pile of cushions

a living room with a bed and a window

© Provided by Pinkvilla

To add some more popping colours, throw in a pile of colourful cushion in all red, blue, yellow and green colours. Choose bright and bold colours with any pattern to complement the overall decor of your living room.

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