5 Living Room Looks That’ll Make You Want To Stay on the Sofa Until 2021

5 Living Room Looks That’ll Make You Want To Stay on the Sofa Until 2021

Regardless of your Thanksgiving plans, we can all probably agree on one thing: The afterparty will be taking place on the sofa.

If you, like us, plan on planting yourself on the couch between now and when the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31, 2020, then you’re in luck! We spent this week scrolling through Instagram to find the trendiest living room looks so you can ride out the rest of this year in style.

These five fresh designs promise to upgrade your space just in time for you to enjoy a few pounds of turkey and then plop down on the couch for the rest of the year.

1. Rattan chairs

Rattan chairs have long been a trending look for indoor-outdoor furniture, but this season they seem to be coming back big in the living room—like we see in this photo from @cozyhomeshots.

“The light and airy colors and shapes of rattan furniture perfectly complement decor trends we’re seeing right now,” says Natasha Nicolaou of NatNico Designs.

“The throwback style of rattan furniture makes it perfectly at home in a retro, eclectic, or boho room, and the light-wood colors and soft natural curves add a gorgeous design element,” she adds.

Get the look: Shop this natural rattan cocoon chair from World Market to bring the outdoor vibes inside.

2. Bright sofas

If your couch is looking a little worse for wear, then it might be time for a bold and bright upgrade, like this gorgeous velvet sofa featured by @color_place_interior.

“You can design a whole room around a brightly colored sofa,” says Doreen Amico-Sorell of Sorell Interiors.

“It adds whimsy and fun to what can sometimes be a serious room like the living room,” she says. “I especially love when a traditional style is modeled in a bright-tone velvet, which really confuses the eye.”

Get the look: Find the perfect brightly colored sofa for your space by shopping one of these Imani velvet square arm sleepers—a stunning sofa upgrade that comes with extra sleeping room for guests.

3. Jungle loft

Have a loft or just a small space that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? We’ve got an idea: Create a jungle vibe like this one featured by @bohemiandecors.

“Real plants add life, depth, and breadth to a living room,” says Amico-Sorell. “A plant loft adds another layer where hanging and trellised plants can be showcased. It’s always nice to have your eye go up in a room and make good use of otherwise dead space.”

Get the look: Shop the collection of plants that can be delivered to your door from Bloomscape, then snag one of these Barnwood ladders from Home Depot to complete the look.

4. Industrial string lights

Fairy lights have long been a favorite of ours, but something about the extra glow from these industrial string lights in the living room, featured by @tatiana_home_decor, is really pulling at our heartstrings.

“Lighting is such a key component when decorating your space, and there’s something about the warm glow of string lights that keeps them trending year after year,” says Nicolaou.

“String lights are such an inexpensive way to make a room feel special and magical,” she says. “Whether you choose a soft, delicate string of fairy lights or a more substantial industrial string with the cutest little Edison bulbs you’ll ever see, there are so many varieties it’s easy to find a look that will fit into your decor.”

Get the look: Shop these globe string lights to create your own whimsical wonderland.

5. Funky prints

Gone are the days of a single bold-colored accent wall. This season we’re looking toward maximalist funky prints to spruce things up—like in this design from @mindy_schroor.

“Adding funky prints to a room is a huge trend right now, and the perfect way to bring a bit of personality and charm to an average-looking room,” says Nicolaou.

When incorporating prints into your room, choose from a variation of one print (e.g., a room full of different floral patterns), a variety of prints in the same color palette, or a mix of totally different prints.

“Start small by getting a few throw pillows, drapes, or rugs with a print you love, and then see where it takes you,” Nicolaou says.

Get the look: Bring the funk into your living room this season by shopping this nuLOOM Vintage Harriet rug or these geometric pillow covers from Walmart.

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