5 Kitchen Design Ideas To Make It the Most Glam Room in the House

5 Kitchen Design Ideas To Make It the Most Glam Room in the House

Let’s face it: After months and months (and months) of quarantine cooking, our kitchens have become spaces we dread to enter. If you have a sink full of dishes and plastic to-go containers strewed about, know that you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re here to make your kitchen a space you want to be in. Just take a look at the top trends on Instagram—which we pull together every week—for inspiration.

Forget about that big ol’ kitchen remodel. These new looks will have your space feeling like the modern kitchen only dreams are made of—hammer and nails not required.

1. Over-the-sink glass pendants

Nothing breathes new life into a space quite like a set of brand-new lights, and these funky over-the-sink pendants from @bohemiandecor are just the thing.

“Say goodbye to the old traditional style and say hello to all your guests asking, ‘Where did you get those?’” says interior designer Jo-Ann St. Jean, of Boilard Lumber.

“By putting these pendants over the sink, the shimmer of the colors in the glass draws up the eye—which adds just the right amount of colorful touch and funky shape,” she says. “Compared to the basic lighting that’s in most kitchens, these pendants scream ‘no traditionalist lives here!’”

Get the look: Add some one-of-a-kind glass pendants to your kitchen with this McCarthy three-light glass pendant.

2. Solid marble backsplash

Marble has long been a staple in many kitchens, but this solid marble backsplash from @azulcasa is taking things to the next level.

“Solid marble backsplashes are another breakaway from tradition,” says St. Jean. “This application is easier to maintain and gives a spatial feel and a subtle softness to any kitchen. The blending of the backsplash with the current trending white cabinets and upper cabinets with applied glass inserts says clean elegance all the way.”

Get the look: Consult with your local cabinet and granite companies.

3. Mini shelves

When you need a tad more space (and something to do with a blank wall), these mini counter and wall shelves from @sixat21 offer up just the thing.

“Mini shelves are a fantastic way to give yourself a little added space,” says home design expert Phillip Ash, of Pro Paint Corner. “They’re a play on the open shelf design that we’ve seen, and are a helpful way to see everything and include everything on your shelf as part of your overall design.”

To pull off this look, Ash recommends filling your shelves with your most stylish kitchen accessories—like favorite mugs, tea tins, unique salt and pepper shakers, or even small plants.

“Be sure to find a mini shelf that complements your current kitchen design for the best results,” says Ash.

Get the look: Add something special to your kitchen counter with this Surikova aluminum baker’s rack, or shop this L-beam industrial wood and metal wall shelf for a unique wall shelving solution.

4. Slatted cabinets

OK, so this one might require some hammering—but these slatted cabinet doors featured by @marianne_evennou are our absolute new favorite when it comes to trending cabinetry solutions.

“Slatted cabinets add a different dimensional aspect to a kitchen,” says St. Jean. “While traditional cabinets have a specific door style, slatted cabinets are created by using vertical lines to give your kitchen that old-world charm. Adding open shelving and decorative accents can complete the look for the consumer who likes to get away from the traditional look of a kitchen.”

Get the look: If new kitchen cabinets are in your future, check out this collection of slatted kitchen cabinets from Wayfair.

5. Glam bar cart

This easy addition featured by @glamdecorista is sure to crank up the glam in your kitchen.

“I don’t think it’s any surprise that bar carts have exploded over the past year while we’ve all been staying home,” says Ash. “For the home cocktail connoisseur, a glam bar cart is a must, and you can purchase bar carts in metal, wood, and glass, with any number of finishes—so, really, the sky’s the limit.

“Look for exciting shapes in your bar cart, as it will truly be the statement piece for the room,” he adds. “And remember to add in a few glam bar cart accessories as well.”

Get the look: Snag some show-stopping kitchen glamour with this Cumberland bar cart.

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