• Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

5 Holiday Disasters That Are Covered by Home Insurance | Home & Garden

2. Your identity gets stolen

If you’ve shopped online for holiday gifts this year, your credit card or bank account information may be at risk of getting stolen.

Identity theft coverage can pay for out-of-pocket expenses related to identity theft or fraud. Some homeowners insurance policies automatically include this coverage for free, but you’ll probably have to add it to your policy.

You can reduce the risk of identity theft from online shopping by avoiding unsecured networks and by purchasing from trusted stores — check for a privacy policy on the site and a padlock to the left of the URL. To protect yourself from potential data breaches, reenter account information with every purchase instead of allowing online vendors to store your information.

3. Presents get stolen

If expensive holiday gifts go missing, don’t pout. Your personal property coverage covers items stolen from your home and car, up to your policy limits.

To prevent any grinches from stealing holiday presents, avoid letting packages sit unattended and consider setting up a security camera system around your home. If you leave gifts in the car, tuck them away safely in the trunk, lock the doors and park in a well-lit location.