5 Glamorous Bathroom Trends Making A Splash Right Now

5 Glamorous Bathroom Trends Making A Splash Right Now

More than any other room in the home, the bathroom is a place where homeowners can let their design imagination run wild. It’s a space to try out new trends, experiment with bold colors, and embrace unique architectural details. Guests appreciate a powder room adorned in a fashion-forward wallpaper or a statement tile. And there’s nothing like stepping into a main bathroom, day in and day out, that celebrates your unique design point of view.

For this week’s trending Instagram decor, we decided to lean into the bold and the beautiful. Below, you’ll find five glamorous bathroom designs that are equal parts popular and refreshing.

1. All-blue bathroom

One simple way to bring a sophisticated design perspective to your bathroom is to pick a singular color and let it shine. The bathroom above from @elizabethhaydesign does a great job of illustrating this technique.

“Opt for vibrant tones in the bathroom such as blue, emerald, and rich purple to establish a striking, elegant atmosphere,” says Diana Viera, managing partner of Miami-based design firm Italkraft. “Balance darker shades with neutral colors like cream and beige, and accessorize with metallic decor accents for brightness.”

Get the look: Give your bathroom a strikingly elegant overhaul by repainting it in Benjamin Moore’s Marlboro Blue.

2. Arched shower door

We’re in love with the impact that these arches make in this bathroom posted by @houseliftdesign.

“We are seeing a trend toward the classic arched shower and tub alcoves right now, because people are craving more character and design that’s reminiscent of the past,” says designer Jennifer Davis, of Davis Interiors. “Arches create visual interest and offer a softness to the typical hard edges in the bathroom.”

Get the look: If you’re handy and ready to take on a bathroom renovation, check out this DIY plywood arch.


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3. Patterned wallpaper

Printed wallpaper was all the rage in 2022, and this bold pattern seen in a post by @maddiegdesigns creates an unexpectedly elegant vibe in this glam powder room.

“Make a statement with eye-catching wallpaper in high-contrast hues,” says Viera.

Get the look: Make an eye-catching statement in your powder room with this geometric wallpaper.

4. Fixed-panel tub door

Any bathroom design feature that’s functional and aesthetically beautiful is an A-plus in our book. That’s why we’re giving a big thumbs-up to this chic fixed-panel tub door from @makemyhomepretty.

“The fixed-panel door on the tub is a much crisper and cleaner look than sliding doors with tracks that get dirty,” says Davis. “They are also quite popular right now because they make the room feel larger as opposed to a shower curtain or bulky doors on a track, which close off that additional square footage.”

Get the look: Make your tub more efficient and design-friendly with this fixed-panel tub door.

5. Leafy greens

If geometric patterns aren’t your style but you still want to experiment with bold wallpaper in the bathroom, go for something natural. It’s easy to fall in love with a leafy green wallpaper like the one seen in this bathroom posted by @_havensent_.

“Patterns that feature elements of nature create a connection between the indoors and outdoors,” says Viera. “Hop on this trend by incorporating these motifs into your decor with patterned wallpaper in the bathroom.”

Get the look: Bring some natural beauty into your bathroom with this botanical fern wallpaper.