5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Plants

5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Plants

5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Plants

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Spending so much time indoors can make many of us feel a little disconnected from nature. It’s actually no surprise that more people than ever are turning to biophilic design to help bring the outdoors in.

One of the best ways to create a connection with nature inside your home is to add more plant life. But like any decorative element, plants aren’t as exciting if you just stick them in the corner. If you’re looking for new and creative ways to decorate with plants, here are five unique ideas that you’ve got to try. 

Give Your Plants the Best Chance at Success

Before you start filling your home with plants, you have to make sure they’re actually going to grow. The direction your windows face and the amount of direct sun you get inside will determine what kind of plants you can grow.

If you don’t get a lot of light inside, that doesn’t mean you can’t have plants; it just means you have to choose the right ones. There are pretty varieties that don’t need much sunlight, such as spider plants and peace lilies.

Create a Tropical Escape

Tropical Plant Decor

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If you really want to add that lush, tropical feeling to your indoor space, don’t be afraid to pile on the plants. Pick a sunny room (a bright nook or corner will also do), set up some comfortable seating and arrange plants all around it.

Add ambiance with outdoor sounds and sit back and close your eyes for a quick tropical getaway. If you really want a Zen space, a water feature will bring the soothing sound of running water and help mask exterior noises.

Add Vertical Interest with Plants

Every space needs height variation to help draw the eye around the room. Take your decor to new heights by adding a tree (or two) indoors. Indoor trees add color and texture while also improving moods and creating a connection to nature. And they’re a great way to fill an empty corner without adding any clutter.

If you’re worried about a tree outgrowing your space, don’t be afraid to opt for a fake version. You can now find impressive-looking faux trees that are almost impossible to tell from the real thing.

Add Some Nighttime Glow

For obvious reasons, we usually only consider daylight when deciding how to decorate with plants. But it’s time to brings plants into your nightlife too! All you need are some pretty twinkle lights to transform your plants into a nighttime attraction.

Weave a string of lights through a trailing plant such as Ivy or Philodendron for a glowing waterfall. Or let them creep across curtain rods, over door frames and cupboards to create light from above. If you took the plunge and brought an indoor tree into your life, why not let it shine? Add twinkle lights to all your tall plants for a beautiful nighttime ambiance.

A New Take on a Living Wall

Living Wall

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While a living wall is an impressive feature, it’s also a big undertaking. Get the look without all the commitment by using wall-mounted planters instead. Unless your style is really eclectic, choose matching pots for a clean and coordinated look. Hang them in a grid pattern on a sunny wall and add your favorite plants.

Once you have the planters set up, you just have to pick the right plants. Choose succulents for a low-maintenance plant wall that doesn’t require a lot of water. If you want a fuller wall with plenty of texture, ferns will bring your wall to life. Or fill your planters with herbs and enjoy fresh seasoning whenever the mood strikes.

Dried Plants Make Great Decor Too

What if you don’t have a green thumb but still want natural greenery and color in your home? Instead of plants, try adding a wreath to your decor. They’re not just for the holidays or the front door; wreaths are the floral decor for all seasons.

All you need is a base material and your choice of fresh or dried flowers to add color. Anything from dried vines to evergreen boughs to pampas grass will make a beautiful wreath base. Then all you have to do is weave in florals to add color. Choose colors that already exist in your home to make the wreath feel like decor rather than a holiday decoration.

Make your greenery the star of your home with these five creative ways to decorate with plants.

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