• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

5 Best Handy Smartphone Apps for Home Improvement in 2021


Sep 19, 2021

From repairs, painting, planning, and inspiration you probably didn’t know you could have your home improved with just a smartphone. With suggestions and reviews, you can check out and read more about some online store services on Collected.Reviews.

Not only do these smartphone apps save money but you can also take your time searching for inspiration on how you want your house to look, the type of paint you want, selecting the furniture without having to buy one yet, and also floor pattern. These apps give an imagination of the overall view of your house without you engaging in it yet.

Well, now you can be rest assured because with some of the recommended apps for home improvement, as you can conveniently shop, measure, and paint through your smartphone.

 The five best handy smartphones apps for home improvement are:

1.  Floor Plan Creator: 

It is easy to imagine a design and try to recreate it. With a Floor Plan Creator, you create the precise floor layout for your home and rooms. The app automatically calculates the room, wall, level area, and dimension lines. You can even add doors, electrical fittings, and furniture to your home. This app works on both mobile devices and computers and allows users to share their projects with other people. After all the fitting and modifications, you can view your project in 3D to make sure that everything flows well.

2.  Pinterest:

 Pinterest is one of the most popular apps for inspiration and planning. It was created to discover ideas and information about several things from skincare, fashion, DIY, home decors, and many more. Pinterest contains many pins and boards and these pins are usually from the site and the board is a collection of pins. Every user can create a private board of their interest and it can also be shared with other users. Pinterest is accessible via a browser, IOS, and Android devices.

3.  Ihandy Carpenter:

The Ihandy Carpenter app is available on both IOS and android devices. Five tools in the carpenter tool kits are helpful for home repairs and they are Plump Bob, Steel ruler, Steel protractor, surface level, and a bubble level bar.  With this, it is easy to fix repairs without actually contacting repairers.

4.  Chairish:

On the Chairish app, you can sell home décor or furniture and also buy new or used furniture. With this advice and inspiration, you can also redesign your home. It is available on only IOS.

5.  Project Color- The Home Depot:

Deciding what color to paint the room, sitting room, basement, and kitchen could be a lot to handle. The project color app allows you to see what color goes well in the selected area. You can also try different paint colors and mix combinations before buying a sample. The app is available on both IOS and Android devices.

These are just a few of the top best apps that can be used to make your home up to your standard without spending much. Take advantage of them today!