3 outdoor design trends to watch in 2021

3 outdoor design trends to watch in 2021

Arizona is known for its incredible sunsets, beautiful pools and mostly ideal weather. Time spent outdoors can play a key role in finding your personal bliss. A backyard sanctuary, where family and friends gather and spend time, is not just a wish but a very attainable reality in the Valley of the Sun.

With our delightful spring weather, Arizonans will take the opportunity to spend the next few months in the fresh air. You can create a truly enjoyable area for your home with a few simple upgrades.

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Here are some growing outdoor design trends that will turn your outside space into your favorite room:

Resort Amenities Right Outside Your Door

The trend to create home environments with a resort feel has been soaring in popularity. You can stay connected or simply unplug. The presence of a TV or a fire pit easily gives the sensation of luxury. For those seeking additional amenities, an outdoor kitchen, an umbrella or two, chaise lounges, or any variety of seating options with cushions tested and proven for the Arizona sun can elevate the outside into something special that reflects your individual style.

Bringing Life to a Patio

Adding a play area and greenery, whether it’s a few plants or a full garden, brings life to the open air. A dining/entertainment setup with comfortable group seating is the ultimate upgrade to liven up backyard celebrations. Outdoor rugs are trending because they add comfort, color and definition to a space, and a rug is a great starting point to find your patio bliss. In spending more time at home with our families, Arizonans have found creative ways to keep the fun flowing amid nature’s beauty.

Highlighting Your Backyard

As the sun sets, the right lighting is key to a perfect ambiance. Adding soothing lighting to specific parts of your patio is a great way to keep your backyard on trend. Illuminating areas of both darkness and light will draw attention to what you want highlighted. Configuring a beautiful balance in your backyard will put your family and friends at ease and keep the conversation flowing. For those cooler evenings, consider including a fire pit in your layout. Fire pits turned up high bring warmth as well as relaxation. Left on a low setting, fire pits add mood through the flickering beauty found in colored glass. A whole new dimension of nightlife can be added to your home. You can transition from an oasis for the entire family during the day, to a refined gathering spot for adults at night.

However you decide to personalize your home, make certain it’s done with durability and comfort in mind. Arizona’s seasons can be extreme so it is important to invest in quality enhancements that will keep your outdoor space looking magnificent and stylish, something to be proud of, for years to come.


John Menzies is the marketing coordinator at Paddy O’ Furniture, voted Arizona’s No. 1 outdoor furniture store.

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