20 Bathroom Organization Ideas to Keep Clutter at Bay

20 Bathroom Organization Ideas to Keep Clutter at Bay

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Despite your best efforts, bathrooms have a way of becoming disorganized. From makeup and perfume to shampoos and hair spray, it’s where we keep many of the beauty and wellness products we use every day. But no matter how glamorous your bathroom decor is, cluttered countertops and drawers piled up with products definitely don’t give off a soothing, spa-type feeling. And not only is a messy bathroom unsightly, there’s also nothing more annoying than not being able to find your favorite lipstick or hand cream because it’s piled up under all your other lipsticks and hand creams. If this sounds like your situation, we have some helpful bathroom organization ideas and tips to get you started.

For starters, sort through your bathroom beauty and wellness products and toss every half-empty bottle of hair spray, nail polish, or toner you’ve not used any time lately. This is a no judgment zone: We’ve all tried products we don’t like, and there’s absolutely no reason to hang onto them because you “might” use them if they’re just going to sit in the cabinet taking up valuable space. Then take stock of what’s left; these are the items that should be kept conveniently at hand in a readily accessible place. Pretty baskets, dividers to sort small items, and shelves can help make your bathroom neat and tidy so you’ll always be able to find what you need.

Ahead, our top bathroom organization ideas and product picks for getting your space decluttered in a hurry:

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Classic Glass Bathroom Canisters

These canisters come in a variety of sizes so you can neatly and stylishly stash cotton balls, face cloths, or bath salts. Because they’re clear, you’ll see everything in a glance.


Bamboo Drawer Organizers, Set of 6

This set of six drawer organizers will allow you to organize and store small items with ease. Plus, bamboo lasts practically forever (and looks much chicer than stacks of products piled in your drawer).


Mounted Bath Storage Cabinet

Use wall space to create additional storage for toiletries and towels. The open design works with nearly any design aesthetic.

Get rid of ugly containers cluttering up your counter. The elegant lines of this dispenser offer a sleek appearance for soap or lotion. It’s available in three neutral shades.


Freestanding Towel Rack

Provide extra space for clean towels with this rack that snugs neatly up against the wall so it doesn’t use a ton of floor space. It features a modern bronze finish and four rungs.


Rolling Tower Bathroom Cabinet

This 7-inch-deep caddy allows you to store plenty of toiletries in an otherwise unused space next to cabinets. Wheels make it easy to maneuver where you need it.


Two-Tier Wood and Iron Shelf

This decorative shelf is just the right size for candles or a few bath salts. Its elegant appearance also adds style to any bathroom wall.

Keep towels at your fingertips near a garden or spa bathtub with this three-tier rack. The bottom can store face cloths or hand towels as well.

If you have a lot of makeup and want to keep it at your fingertips, this spacious caddy is an attractive and convenient option. It features 16 compartments and three drawers.


Horn and Bone Bath Canister

This striking horn and bone bath canister can store bath salts, cotton swabs, or bobby pins. There are additional coordinating pieces such as a tissue holder and wastebasket to complete the look.

Create extra storage space with this mid-century modern pharmacy cabinet. It’s ideal for corralling everything from towels to toothpaste.

A brass towel rack keeps extra towels readily available. There’s also a coordinating wall rack if you need additional storage.

This marble valet is almost too pretty to hide in your bathroom! The swiveling top provides even more surface area.

Place this beautiful dish in your bathroom to hold jewelry while you bathe. You’ll never misplace your rings again.


Handwoven Rattan Baskets

Keeping everything out of sight makes your bathroom look so much neater. Available in several different colors, including this whitewashed version, these baskets can be used on countertops or shelves to hide toiletries or organize hand towels.


Carved Teak Bath Caddy

A charming teak caddy is the perfect way to keep soaps, bath bombs, or face cloths handy. It’s equally useful for displaying a potted bathroom plant.

This tall linen cabinet neatly stores towels or extra toiletries. Its clean lines coordinate with any design style.

Leave your earrings and necklaces here before you shower. You’ll never misplace them when they have their own spot.


Rattan Bathroom Tissue Basket

It’s a necessity, but that doesn’t mean we want to see it. Hide your bath tissue in this handsome basket.

This attractive butterfly caddy can hold your sponge, soap, and candle while you take a relaxing bath. It’s functional and pretty.

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