15 Elf On The Shelf Bathroom Ideas That Are Super Easy To Pull Off

15 Elf On The Shelf Bathroom Ideas That Are Super Easy To Pull Off

Whether you welcome your Elf on the Shelf into your home on the first or fifteenth day of December, you might struggle to come up with what to do with the doll. Sure, there are quick and easy ideas you can pull off in under a minute, but as the days and weeks pass, you might find yourself running out of ideas — and patience. That’s when it’s good to lock into an idea or theme. So if your kid finds fart jokes funny (and really, don’t they all?), these Elf on the Shelf bathroom ideas will be a hilarious hit.

For the most part, Elf on the Shelf bathroom ideas don’t take a lot of time to pull off, something that most time-strapped parents will find a plus. What you will need a lot of, though, is toilet paper. Like, rolls and rolls of it, since you’ll be wrapping, writing on, and rolling your elf in it, as well as squeezing and stacking all those squares together to come up with crazy concepts that your kid will love. So make sure you do a store run to stock up on TP before beginning with the bathroom ideas.

Get ready to have a happy, giggly kid, because these Elf on the Shelf bathroom ideas definitely don’t stink.


Gone fishing

Jennifer Parris

Some people prefer ponds or lakes to fish in. Your elf? Well, they totally like fishing in toilets. Sprinkle a few Goldfish (even Swedish fish or gummy sharks would work well) and sit your elf at the top of the toilet. Attach a long string or ribbon down into the toilet and you’ll have a hilarious scene that will make your kids laugh, hook, line, and sinker.


A 60-second Elf on the Shelf bathroom idea

Jennifer Parris

When you forget to move the elf, here’s a super-fast and easy idea. Stick your elf in the middle of the toilet paper roll, and then pull a few squares down. Write “Jingle bells, your poo smells” and leave the roll on the sink next to the toilet. Your emerging reader will love the early morning message.


Playing peek-a-boo

Jennifer Parris

For younger kids who love playing peek-a-boo, this is a cute and easy idea. Stack two rolls of TP on top of each other, and then place your elf inside. Then, place a third roll carefully on top, so that your elf is peeking out. You could write “peek-a-boo” on a square or make a sign, or simply leave your elf as is.


Marshmallow bath

Jennifer Parris

All that flying to and from the North Pole nightly can sure make your elf sweaty. So don’t be surprised if your elf decides to take a quick bath before the kids wake up. Fill up your sink (or if you have some extra doll décor lying around, a toy bathtub) with fun edibles, like sprinkles or mini marshmallows, and place your elf inside. It’s sure to give kids some giggles to see their elf taking a bath.


Writing a message with toothpaste

Jennifer Parris

Now you can put that three-pack of toothpaste to good use. Write a short message with toothpaste, either on the mirror, the sink, or the counter. Then place the open tub in-between your elf’s arms so that there’s no confusion as to who wrote the message.


Pooping elf

Photo credit: Jennifer Parris

What is it about farting and pooping that gives kids the giggles? Well, score some more potty humor with this simple but effective Elf on the Shelf bathroom idea. Place an unwrapped Hershey Kiss at the bottom of a small, clear bowl or glass and position your elf’s butt so that it looks like they’re, you know, pooping. This can also be done with a couple of chocolate chips — in case your elf is constipated.


Elf “lemonade”

Jennifer Parris

When nature calls, you can’t always expect your elf to be able to lift that heavy toilet lid. Set out a small shot glass and fill it with lemonade. Then, lean your elf’s head against the wall (you might have to tape it), and position their hands in front of them to make it look like they got caught in the act.


Elf Band-Aids

Jennifer Parris

It was a bumpy ride back to your home, and your elf might have a bruise or two. Take a few Band-Aids and stick them on your elf.


Shaving elf

Jennifer Parris

Your elf wants to look their best to greet your child in the morning. And there’s nothing like a clean, close shave to do just that. Using some shaving cream, dab a little bit on your elf to form a beard, and then put a couple of drops on the counter. Stick a covered razor in your elf’s arms to complete the effect.


Tissue box

Jennifer Parris

Your elf is really racking up those nightly frequent flier miles, so it’s understandable that they’re exhausted in the morning. So don’t be surprised if you see your elf snoozing in the tissue box in the bathroom. Take out a few tissues and fold them into a square to form a pillow, and then place your elf inside the box (this works best with a longer, rectangular-shaped tissue box).


Hygiene conscious elf

Jennifer Parris

Although your elf might be hanging out in the bathroom quite a bit, they still want your child to maintain healthy habits, starting with hand washing. If you don’t have a lot of time, stick your elf on the sink near the hand soap as a gentle reminder to suds up. Hey, your kid might not listen to you, but they might obey your elf.


A 30-second Elf on the Shelf bathroom idea

Jennifer Parris

Forgot to move the elf and your kids are up? Grab the doll and dash to the loo. Unroll a few squares of TP and wrap them around your elf, then place them seated on top of the toilet paper holder. Your tot will laugh seeing their elf all tangled up in toilet paper.


Getting ready for a bath

Jennifer Parris

Your elf enjoys their time with Santa’s herd of reindeer, but they’re not the most sanitary bunch — especially that Blitzen. That’s why it might not be a surprise to see your elf getting ready to take a bath. Place your elf on top of a loofah sponge or a washcloth with some soap. If you have time, you can cut a small piece from an old washcloth to fashion a tiny towel and headwrap for your elf, too.


Peeing elf

Jennifer Parris

If your elf has to tinkle, too, turn it into a funny Elf on the Shelf bathroom idea. Grab some very yellow lemonade (Gatorade works great for this, too), and pour a small puddle on top of your toilet lid. Then seat your elf next to the spot so it looks like missed the mark — just like your toilet-training toddler.


Snowflake elf

Jennifer Parris

You’ll need quite a few Q-Tips in order to pull off this sweet bathroom idea — and a steady hand. On your bathroom sink, place two Q-Tips in an X pattern, then place a third one vertically over the X. Finally, lay the last Q-Tip horizontally to form the snowflake. Fashion a few of these snowflakes, and then lay your elf in the middle.

Even though you might feel flushed (ha) after doing a few of these Elf on the Shelf bathroom ideas, don’t be a party pooper. After all, doing these crappy ideas is your parental doody, er, duty.