11 Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas From Designer Spaces
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11 Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas From Designer Spaces

minimalist christmas decor ideas

Pernille Loof

Preparing your home for the holidays can be overwhelming even if you are full of holiday cheer. If you want to embellish your home with holiday spirit but want to refrain from going over the top, a minimalist perspective may be just what Santa ordered. Decorations don’t need to be excessive to be showstopping. Approach design with a theme that sings yuletide cheer but doesn’t crowd your space. Here are ten minimalist Christmas decor ideas for anyone looking to pare back, make do with a smaller space, or simply enhance their already minimalist home aesthetic.

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Steer Clear of Tchotchkes

Instead of going all out with ornaments, lights, and other tchotchkes, stick to simple and natural displays of greenery, plants, fruits, and winter branches. An arrangement of greenery animates the corner while a bunch of berry branches livens up the island in this kitchen designed by Ryan Turf of CB2. The colorful display brings up the vibrant reds in the runner, too.

Construct a flow with open walkways and spaces. Use your creativity to highlight different sections or elements throughout your home and forgo decorating every inch. Christmas adornments should spark the holiday spirit and being strategic about your placement will make for a cozy home atmosphere. Alfredo Paredes accentuated an archway with a simple garland for a minimalist yet festive look without cluttering a walkway.


Opt for Neutral Colors and Tones

Using neutral colors and natural tones is the essence of minimalist looks. Neutral colors give off soft waves of comfort. Bring in the natural colors of Christmas with metallic accents, as Beth Webb did in this festive but lowkey dining room. Or, you could replace any bright and bold articles with softer shades of the same colors.


Blend the Indoors and Outdoors

Include nature in your theme to offer an elegant yet simply chic vibe. A natural garland made of pine cones and branches is the perfect way to highlight mantles or door frames. Bringing nature inside creates a winter scape reminiscent of the past. Betsy Pash also incorporated coral ribbons and placed firewood in the firebox so it feels extra cozy.


Remember: Less is More!

Keep it simple! Remember that sometimes less is more. Selecting one or two statement pieces can make your home stand out more than a home cluttered with holiday objects. A minimalist approach can offer elegance with a hint of whimsy if you nail the look. We’re also loving the subtly cheeky approach Jenny wolf took here.


Use Small Accent Items Throughout

Small adornments can make big statements. Stage a winter scene on a windowsill or tablescape with mini fir trees and florals to provide hints of yuletide cheer all over your abode.


Make Use of Soft Textures

Soft minimalism makes use of soft textures to create a warm and cozy feel. Bring in fuzzy blankets and other warm materials to create a comfy space. Soft textures should feel soft to the touch but also easy on the eyes. It can be as simple as throwing a sheepskin over a chair, as seen in this winter wonderland designed by Kylee Shintaffer.

A tree is often the center of a home during the holiday season. You can keep the tree and use small lights or a few ornaments to get the minimalist look. If you want, you can even select a smaller or more bare tree that feels like you invited nature to your celebration. Whether you’re a minimalist by choice or because you’re celebrating in a small space, this bedroom tree setup is a great example to follow.


Use Statement Pieces In Place of Busy Displays

Statement pieces are eye-catching and can tie a room together. Choose objects that grab your attention in place of multiple strands of garland or a tree full of ornaments. Pick out ornaments that announce the holidays rather than fade into the background.


Craft a Simple but Elegant Centerpiece

Minimalism is all about being simple yet elegant. Create a table centerpiece by using a natural garland or wreath with plain candles in between. You can also incorporate twine or burlap bows to give off an effortless look.


Use Lighting to Set the Mood

Work with what you have by changing out bright white light bulbs for a warm option. Purchase tiny string lights to backlight a curtain or window. Lighting can transform a room so employ it wisely.

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